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"Label inside input via title property" for Opa
* 2nd day of playing around with Opa.
* 1st somewhat useful bit of code.
* Probably a better way to write this,
* but definitely don't want to reinvent
* this later. Would like to have this to
* build off of!
* Hope it helps you.
start() = (
<input id=#some_prompt class="xlarge" title="Enter something here!" onready={prompt_blurred(#some_prompt, _)} onfocus={prompt_focused(#some_prompt, _)} onblur={prompt_blurred(#some_prompt, _)} />
prompt_focused(element, _) =
prompt = Dom.get_property_unsafe(element, "title")
do if String.equals(Dom.get_value(element), prompt) then
Dom.set_value(element, "")
prompt_blurred(element, _) =
do if String.equals(String.strip(Dom.get_value(element)), "") then
Dom.set_value(element, Dom.get_property_unsafe(element, "title"))
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