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(defpackage :linear-regression
(:use :cl :cl-user)
(in-package :linear-regression)
(defparameter X #2A((1 3)
(2 5)
(4 7)))
(defparameter Y #2A((4)
(defun transpose (matrix)
"Calculate the transposed matrix."
(let* ((dim (array-dimensions matrix))
(trans-dim (reverse dim))
(transposed (make-array trans-dim)))
(loop for i from 0 below (car dim)
do (loop for j from 0 below (cadr dim)
do (setf (aref transposed j i) (aref matrix i j)))
finally (return transposed))))
(defun matrix* (A B)
"Performs a matrix multiplication between A and B if possible,
otherwise returns NIL."
(let ((m-a (array-dimension A 0))
(n-a (array-dimension A 1))
(m-b (array-dimension B 0))
(n-b (array-dimension B 1)))
(when (= n-a m-b)
(let ((C (make-array (list m-a n-b))))
(loop for i from 0 below m-a
do (loop for j from 0 below n-b
do (setf (aref C i j)
(loop for k from 0 below n-a
sum (* (aref A i k)
(aref B k j)))))
finally (return C))))))
(defun scale (const matrix)
"Scale a MATRIX 2D to a CONST."
(loop with m = (array-dimension matrix 0)
with n = (array-dimension matrix 1)
with output-matrix = (make-array (list m n))
for i from 0 below m
do (loop for j from 0 below n
do (setf (aref output-matrix i j)
(* const (aref matrix i j))))
finally (return output-matrix)))
(defun reduced-matrix (matrix i j)
"New matrix with I line and J column eliminated"
;;; 0 | 0 0
;;; - | - -
;;; 0 | 0 0
;;; 0 | 0 0
;;; The cross line/column is removed
(let* ((m (array-dimension matrix 0))
(n (array-dimension matrix 1))
(new-matrix (make-array (list (1- m) (1- n)))))
(loop for x from 0 below m
do (loop for y from 0 below n
for x_i = x
for y_j = y
when (> x_i i)
do (decf x_i)
when (> y_j j)
do (decf y_j)
when (not (or (= x i)
(= y j)))
do (setf (aref new-matrix x_i y_j)
(aref matrix x y))
finally (return new-matrix))))
(defun cofactor (X i j)
"Return the cofactor of the matrix X => X(i,y)"
(* (expt -1 (+ i j))
(det (reduced-matrix X i j))))
(defun adj (X)
"Calculate the adjunct matrix of X"
(destructuring-bind (m n) (array-dimensions X)
(loop with C = (make-array (list m n))
for i from 0 below m
do (loop for j from 0 below n
do (setf (aref C i j)
(cofactor X i j)))
finally (return (transpose C)))))
(defun det (X)
"Calculate the determinant of X applying the Laplace's Theorem
This have a complexity of O(n!), be careful, CPU-bound procedure.
FIXME: Implement Gauss-Elimination determinant O(n³)."
(let* ((dims (array-dimensions X))
(lines (car dims)))
(when (apply #'= dims)
(case (car dims)
(1 (aref X 0 0))
(2 (- (* (aref X 0 0) (aref X 1 1))
(* (aref X 0 1) (aref X 1 0))))
(otherwise (loop for k from 0 below lines
sum (* (aref X k 0)
(cofactor X k 0))))))))
(defun inverse (matrix)
"Inverse of MATRIX"
(scale (/ 1 (det matrix)) (adj matrix)))
(defun add-ones (X)
"Add first column as bunch of ones."
(destructuring-bind (m n) (array-dimensions X)
(let ((Y (make-array (list m (1+ n)) :initial-element 1)))
(loop for i from 0 below m
do (loop for j from 0 below n
do (setf (aref Y i (1+ j))
(aref X i j)))
finally (return Y)))))
(defun beta-estimator (X Y)
"Calculate the estimator as Ŷ = Xβ + e as β = (X'X)-¹X'Y"
(let ((X1 (add-ones X))
(Y1 (loop with dims = (array-dimensions Y)
with Y-copy = (make-array dims)
with n = (apply #'* dims)
for i from 0 below n
do (setf (row-major-aref Y-copy i)
(1+ (row-major-aref Y i)))
finally (return Y-copy))))
(matrix* (matrix* (inverse (matrix* (transpose X1) X1))
(transpose X1))
(defun coefs (X Y)
"Return the coefficients for estimators of X and Y data as LIST."
(let* ((beta (beta-estimator X Y))
(n (array-dimension beta 0)))
(loop for i from 0 below n
collect (aref beta i 0))))
(defun main ()
(let* ((b (coefs X Y))
(parts (mapcar (lambda (x)
(format nil "(~a)*X~a" (car x) (cdr x)))
(loop for i in (cdr b)
for j from 1
collect (cons i j)))))
(format t "~:{B~a=~a~%~^~}~%" (loop for i from 0
for j in b
collect (list i j)))
(format t "Ŷ = (~a) + ~{~a~^ + ~}~%" (car b) parts)))
(eval-when (:execute)
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