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mcmcplot <- function(mcmcout, parms=NULL, regex=NULL, random=NULL, leaf.marker="[\\[_]", dir=tempdir(), filename="MCMCoutput", extension="html", title=NULL, heading=title, col=NULL, lty=1, xlim=NULL, ylim=NULL, style=c("gray", "plain"), greek=FALSE){
## This must come before mcmcout is evaluated in any other expression
if (is.null(title))
title <- paste("MCMC Plots: ", deparse(substitute(mcmcout)), sep="")
if (is.null(heading))
heading <- title
style <- match.arg(style)
## Turn off graphics device if interrupted in the middle of plotting
current.devices <- dev.list()
on.exit( sapply(dev.list(), function(dev) if(!(dev %in% current.devices)) )
## Convert input mcmcout to mcmc.list object
mcmcout <- convert.mcmc.list(mcmcout)
nchains <- length(mcmcout)
if (is.null(col)){
col <- mcmcplotsPalette(nchains)
css.file <- system.file("MCMCoutput.css", package="mcmcplots")
css.file <- paste("file:///", css.file, sep="")
htmlfile <- .html.begin(dir, filename, extension, title=title, cssfile=css.file)
## Select parameters for plotting
if (is.null(varnames(mcmcout))){
warning("Argument 'mcmcout' did not have valid variable names, so names have been created for you.")
varnames(mcmcout) <- varnames(mcmcout, allow.null=FALSE)
parnames <- parms2plot(varnames(mcmcout), parms, regex, random, leaf.marker, do.unlist=FALSE)
if (length(parnames)==0)
stop("No parameters matched arguments 'parms' or 'regex'.")
np <- length(unlist(parnames))
cat('\n<div id="outer">\n', file=htmlfile, append=TRUE)
cat('<h1>', heading, '</h1>', sep="", file=htmlfile, append=TRUE)
cat('<div id="toc">\n', file=htmlfile, append=TRUE)
cat('\n<h2>Table of Contents</h2>', file=htmlfile, append=TRUE)
cat('<ul id="toc_items">\n', file=htmlfile, append=TRUE)
for ( in names(parnames)) {
cat(sprintf('<li class="toc_item"><a href="#%s">%s</a></li>\n',,, file=htmlfile, append=TRUE)
cat('</ul></div>\n', file=htmlfile, append=TRUE)
cat('<div class="main">\n', file=htmlfile, append=TRUE)
htmlwidth <- 640
htmlheight <- 480
for ( in names(parnames)) {
cat(sprintf('<h2><a name="%s">Plots for %s</a></h2>\n',,, file=htmlfile, append=TRUE)
for (p in parnames[[]]) {
pctdone <- round(100*match(p, unlist(parnames))/np)
cat("\r", rep(" ", getOption("width")), sep="")
cat("\rPreparing plots for ",, ". ", pctdone, "% complete.", sep="")
gname <- paste(p, ".png", sep="")
png(file.path(dir, gname), width=htmlwidth, height=htmlheight)
plot_err <- tryCatch({
mcmcplot1(mcmcout[, p, drop=FALSE], col=col, lty=lty, xlim=xlim, ylim=ylim, style=style, greek=greek)
}, error=function(e) {e})
if (inherits(plot_err, "error")) {
cat(sprintf('<p class="plot_err">%s. %s</p>', p, plot_err),
file=htmlfile, append=TRUE)
} else {
.html.img(file=htmlfile, class="mcmcplot", src=gname,
width=htmlwidth, height=htmlheight)
cat("\r", rep(" ", getOption("width")), "\r", sep="")
cat('\n</div>\n</div>\n', file=htmlfile, append=TRUE)
.html.end(htmlfile) <- paste("file://", htmlfile, sep="")
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