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Switch To Vim For Good

Switch To Vim For Good

NOTE: This guide has moved to

This guide is coming from an email I used to send to newcomers to Vim. It is not intended to be a complete guide, it is about how I switched myself.

My decision to switch to Vim has been made a long time ago. Coming from TextMate 1, I wanted to learn an editor that is Open Source (so I don’t lose my time learning a tool that can be killed), cross platform (so I can use it everywhere), and powerful enough (so I won’t regret TextMate). For these reasons, Vim has always been the editor I wanted to learn, but it took me several years before I did it in a way that works for me. I tried to switch progressively, using the Janus Vim distribution for a few months, then got back to using TextMate 2 for a time, waiting for the next attempt… here is what finally worked for me.

Original gist with comments:

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JSX, a year in
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Hi Nicholas,

I saw you tweet about JSX yesterday. It seemed like the discussion devolved pretty quickly but I wanted to share our experience over the last year. I understand your concerns. I've made similar remarks about JSX. When we started using it Planning Center, I led the charge to write React without it. I don't imagine I'd have much to say that you haven't considered but, if it's helpful, here's a pattern that changed my opinion:

The idea that "React is the V in MVC" is disingenuous. It's a good pitch but, for many of us, it feels like in invitation to repeat our history of coupled views. In practice, React is the V and the C. Dan Abramov describes the division as Smart and Dumb Components. At our office, we call them stateless and container components (view-controllers if we're Flux). The idea is pretty simple: components can't


At the editorial offices they could tell that I was hanging around the corridors without purpose or goal. In principle it is accepted that when a correspondent returns from a bureau in the field he has no assignment or work for a certain time and becomes a fifth wheel to our long-suffering, dedicated team. But my alienated behavior and prolonged idleness had exceeded all the limits of tolerance, and Hofman decided to do something with me. Thus there was an attempt — one of a series in my life — to establish me behind a desk. My boss led me to a room containing a desk and a typist and said, "You're going to work here," I looked it over: the typist — yes, she was nice; the desk — abominable. It was one of those small desks, a mousetrap, which sit by the thousands in our cluttered and overcrowded offices. Behind such a desk, a man resembles an invalid in an orthopaedic brace. He cannot stand up normally to shake hands, but must first disengage himself delicately from his chair and cautiously rise, attending more

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window.console.clog = function(log){
var message = typeof log === 'object' ? '%cLooks like you\'re trying to log an ' : '%cLooks like you\'re trying to log a ',
style = 'background:url(;padding:5px 15px 142px 19px;line-height:280px;';, message + typeof log + '.', style);
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Debugging webapps in Android default browser

Install the weinre module from npm:

$ sudo npm -g install weinre

In your index.html add the following line before closing the head section:

<script src="http://your-local-ip:8081/target/target-script-min.js#anonymous"></script>
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tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet
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tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet

start new:


start new with session name:

tmux new -s myname
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Created February 22, 2012 14:56
Keeping a fork up to date
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1. Clone your fork:

git clone

2. Add remote from original repository in your forked repository:

cd into/cloned/fork-repo
git remote add upstream git://
git fetch upstream
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Created September 9, 2011 10:49
Instructions for exporting/importing (backup/restore) GPG keys

Every so often I have to restore my gpg keys and I'm never sure how best to do it. So, I've spent some time playing around with the various ways to export/import (backup/restore) keys.

Method 1

Backup the public and secret keyrings and trust database

cp ~/.gnupg/pubring.gpg /path/to/backups/
cp ~/.gnupg/secring.gpg /path/to/backups/
cp ~/.gnupg/trustdb.gpg /path/to/backups/

or, instead of backing up trustdb...