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Google Summer of Code 2021 | Work Report


Google Summer of Code 2021 | Work Report

Sachin Chauhan | @sachinchauhan2889

Organization: Digital Impact Alliance

About Open Event

OPEN EVENT is an open source event management solution for virtual and in-person events. The platform allows users to create events and manage them with a rich dashboard. It supports a variety of features like event creation, ticket management system, speaker, exhibitors and attendee management dashboards, groups (similar events can be grouped together) management system, video integrations using open source solutions such as BBB rooms and Jitsi, payment integration via Stripe and Paypal, chat integration using RocketChat. Email service for event updates and invites. It also has a dedicated admin panel to manage and track the system.

Project Introduction:

This project aims to stabilise the Eventyay Open Event Project. This includes fixing high priority issues, implementing required features and handling the current deployment of the project.

Work Overview

My work -

  1. Implemented Event Groups feature. Now, similar events can be grouped together. This includes:
    1. A User can create a group of similar types of events. Each group contains multiple events.
    2. Each group must have one owner. But one group can have multiple users with different permissions or roles such as organiser, moderator, etc.
    3. Other users can follow/unfollow a group from the public page of the group.
    4. The owner of group can invite any other user for a particular role, from the group dashboard page.
  2. Implemented Event Announcement feature. The owner of any group can announce any upcoming event of that group and all the followers of that group got an event announcement email.
  3. Implemented Speaker Invite feature. Now any speaker of a session can invite another speaker from CFS page of event. Through this feature, a speaker can invite other speakers to collaborate for a session in an event.
  4. Updated Stripe Checkout from legacy version to new version.
  5. Adhere filters to CSV export of sesion and speakers table.
  6. Restrutured the file structure of groups feature of project.
  7. Implemented sorting by sales and tickets on admin sales table.
  8. Solved miscellaneous bugs of project and reviewed PRs from other developers.
  9. Monitored/handled the deployment of the project and solved production errors.


Frontend Commits

Pull Requests Description
#7304 fix: order issue regarding billing info
#7343 feat: Speaker/Session CSV/PDF Export should adhere to filters
#7355 feat: add VideoRecording model
#7356 feat: Ask user to end current BBB running meeting after updating video stream
#7375 fix: error "Could not fetch from the server"
#7376 fix: enable recording of BBB video stream by default
#7378 feat: add infinity loader for events at edit group page
#7455 feat: speaker invite
#7537 feat: Make upload size dynamic.
#7544 fix: Implement check before update bbb video
#7557 feat: enhance admin group table
#7559 feat: add isCfsEnabled field and save announcement
#7577 feat: error while adding moderator.
#7604 feat: Announcement of event and fix bugs in groups
#7621 feat: Add groups filter in explore page.
#7633 feat: Restructure groups file structures and add checks on edit routes.
#7642 feat: apply sorting by amount by sales in admin.sales page
#7651 fix tabbedNavigation and UiDropDown at Admin Sales Page.
#7693 fix issues on view page: user able to delete other followers
#7696 Prevent Redirecting from group teams page.

Backend Commits

Pull Requests Description
#7975 feat: Speaker/Session CSV/PDF Export should adhere to filters
#7979 feat: Ask user to end current BBB running meeting after updating video stream
#7994 fix: enable recording of BBB video stream by default
#8021 fix: allow attendee checkin for several days
#8027 fix: Load notification if target of notification is null
#8037 feat: invite speaker
#8089 feat: reminder for end of ticket sales
#8092 feat: add size fields in schema
#8100 feat: add is_cfs_enabled field in event model
#8108 feat: enhance email of speaker invite
#8120 feat: Implement "Announce Event" email for group followers
#8142 feat: apply sorting by amount by sales in admin.sales page
#8164 fix: send announcement email by looping all emails of followers
#8167 fix: implement check for follower
#8168 fix: Prevent groups api from not sending all invites.
#8169 fix user end point of group api

Other Contributions

Apart from the above mentioned PRs, I had also reviewed PRs in open-event-frontend and open-event-server, attended bi-weekly and deployment meetings, provided weekly blog updates using the DIAL platform, helped other contributors and completed a few unattended PRs by other contributors.


Daily Scrums Link

DIAL Weekly Blog Link

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Backend Commits Link

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