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Cloud Provider Resource Labeling

Cloud Provider Resource Labeling

Provider Maximum number Maximum key length Maximum value length Key regex
AWS 50 128 256 ^(?!aws:)[\+\-=\._:\/\@\ a-zA-Z0-9]{1,128}$1
Google Cloud 64 63 63 ^[a-z][-_a-z0-9]{1,62}$
Azure 50 512 256 ^[^<>%&\\\?\/]{1,512}$

1 Different services may have varying restrictions

Always consult official documentation (linked below).

Recommended label format

If multiple cloud providers are involved, the following format is recommended: recommended-label-format.



  • Both keys and values must be Unicode characters in UTF-8
  • Tag keys and values are case-sensitive

Google Cloud

  • International characters are allowed



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