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Created July 6, 2021 10:30
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sudoers_policy_main(int argc, char * const argv[], int pwflag, char *env_add[],
void *closure)
/* Find command in path and apply per-command Defaults. */
[a] cmnd_status = set_cmnd();
if (cmnd_status == NOT_FOUND_ERROR)
goto done;
/* Check for -C overriding def_closefrom. */
if (user_closefrom >= 0 && user_closefrom != def_closefrom) {
if (!def_closefrom_override) {
/* XXX - audit? */
sudo_warnx(U_("you are not permitted to use the -C option"));
goto bad;
def_closefrom = user_closefrom;
[b] [... lots of code here ...]
/* Require a password if sudoers says so. */
[c] switch (check_user(validated, sudo_mode)) {
case true:
/* user authenticated successfully. */
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