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Created Feb 10, 2015
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Essentials messages.yml
targetNotFound: "&4Player not found."
invalidNumber: "&4Invalid number provided."
invalidAction: "&4Could not find action."
unknownItem: "&4Unknown item name."
error: "&cError: &4"
insufficientPermission: "&4You need the &c{0} &4permission to use that command."
insufficientFunds: "&4You do not have sufficient funds."
inventoryFull: "&4Inventory full"
consoleOnly: "&4Only console can use this command."
backReturning: "&6Returning to previous location."
backNoLocation: "&4No valid location found."
balance: "&aBalance: &c${0}"
balanceOf: "&aBalance of {0}: &c${1}"
baltopEntry: "{0}. {1}, ${2}"
baltopSorting: "&4The balancetop list is currently being sorted."
baltopTitle: "&c---- &6Balancetop &e-- &6Page &c{0}&6/&c{1} &e----"
baltopTotal: "&6Server total: &c${0}"
clearOtherInventory: "&6Cleared all inventory items from {0}"
commandOnCooldown: "&4This command is on cooldown for &c{0}&4."
commandWarmingUp: "&6Command warming up, please wait &c{0} seconds&6."
commandWarmupWarning: "&6Moving, typing a command, or taking damage will cancel the warmup."
expAddedSelf: "&6You received &e{0} EXP"
expAddedOther: "&6You gave &e{0} EXP &6to {1}"
expRemovedSelf: "&e{0} EXP &6was removed from you"
expRemovedOther: "&6You took &e{0} EXP &6from {1}"
expSetSelf: "&6Your &eEXP &6was set to {0}"
expSetOther: "&6You set &e{0}''s EXP &6to {1}"
feedSelf: "&6Your appetite was sated."
feedOther: "&6You satiated the appetite of &c{0}"
firstJoin: "&cWelcome to &, &c{0}&6!"
flyOther: "&6Set fly mode &c{0} &6for {1}"
flySpeed: "&6Set flying speed to &c{0} &6for &c{1}&6."
walkSpeed: "&6Set walking speed to &c{0} &6for &c{1}&6."
gamemodeOther: "&6Set game mode &c{0} &6for &c{1}"
hatDisallow: "&4You cannot use this item as a hat!"
hatSet: "&6Enjoy your new hat!"
healSelf: "&6You have been healed."
healOther: "&6Healed &c{0}"
homeDeleted: "&6Home &c{0} &6has been removed."
homeNull: "&4Home &c{0} &4doesn''t exist!"
homeName: "&4Invalid home name!"
homesNone: "&4You have no homes!"
homesList: "&6Homes: {0}"
homesLimit: "&4You cannot set more than &c{0} &4homes."
homeSet: "&6Home set."
ignoreList: "&6Ignored: &f{0}"
ignoreNotIgnoring: "&6You are not ignoring anyone."
ignoreNoLongerIgnoring: "&6You are not ignoring player &c{0} &6anymore."
ignoreNowIgnoring: "&6You ignore player &c{0} &6from now on."
kitOnCooldown: "&6You can't use that kit again for another &c{0}"
kitReceived: "&6Received kit &c{0}&6."
kitsList: "&6Kits: &f{0}"
lagUptime: "&6Uptime: &c{0}"
lagTPS: "&6Current TPS = {0}"
lagMaxMemory: "&6Max memory: &c{0} MB."
lagAllocatedMemory: "&6Allocated memory: &c{0} MB."
lagFreeMemory: "&6Free memory: &c{0} MB."
lagTotalDisk: "&6Total Disk Space: &c{0} GB."
lagFreeDisk: "&6Free Disk Space: &c{0} GB."
lagWorld: "&6{0} \"&c{1}&6\", &c{2} &6chunks, &c{3} &6entities, &c{4} &6tiles"
messageIgnoring: "&4That player is ignoring your messages."
messageFrom: "&6[&c{0} &6-> &cme&6] &r{1}"
messageTo: "&6[&cme &6-> &c{0}&6] &r{1}"
moneyAddedOwn: "&a${0} has been added to your account."
moneyAddedOther: "&a${0} added to &c{1} &aaccount. New balance: ${2}"
moneyRemovedOwn: "&a${0} has been taken from your account."
moneyRemovedOther: "&a${0} taken from &c{1} &aaccount. New balance: ${2}"
moneySentTo: "&a${0} has been sent to {1}"
moneyGotFrom: "&a${0} has been received from {1}"
moneySetOwn: "&aYour balance was set to ${0}"
moneySetOther: "&aYou set {0} balance to ${1}"
moneyTaken: "&a${0} has been taken from your account."
nickCantSet: "&4You can''t set a nickname."
nickCantSetColors: "&4You can''t set &c{0} &4colors in your nickname."
nickChanged: "&6Nickname changed."
nickChangedName: "&6Your nickname is now {0}&6."
nickColor: "&4Your nickname contains a disallowed chat color."
nickOff: "&6You no longer have a nickname."
nickSameName: "&4Your nickname must be the same as your name."
prefixOff: "&6You no longer have a prefix."
prefixNull: "&4You don''t have a prefix!"
prefixColor: "&4Your prefix contains a disallowed chat color."
prefixInvalid: "&4You provided an invalid prefix."
prefixLength: "&4your prefix length is too long or too short."
prefixCharacters: "&4Your prefix cannot contain numbers or ''&''."
prefixPermissions: "&4You can''t set a prefix."
prefixPermissionsNum: "&4You can''t set &c{0} &4colors in your prefix."
prefixSet: "&6Your prefix has been set to \"{0}&6\"."
ptimePlayer: "&c{0}&6''s time is &c{1} &6or &c{2}&6."
ptimePlayerSet: "&6Player time is set to &c{0} &6for: &c{1}"
repairItems: "&6You have successfully repaired your items."
repairNoItems: "&4There were no items that needed repairing."
repairCantRepair: "&4This item cannot be repaired."
repairSuccess: "&6You have successfully repaired your item."
replyIgnoring: "&4That player is ignoring your messages."
replyNoReply: "&4You have nobody to whom you can reply."
seenIP: "&6Running search for players matching ''&c{0}&6''."
seenIPMatched: "&6Matched Users: &f{0}"
seenIPNone: "&6No matching players found."
seenPlayerOnline: "&6Player &c{0} &6has been &coffline &6since {1}"
seenPlayerOffline: "&6Player &c{0} &6has been &aonline &6since {1}"
seenPlayerIP: "&6 - IP Address: &f/{0}"
signCreated: "&6Sign was successfully created."
signNoPerms: "&4You do not have permission to make this sign."
signNotConfigured: "&4This item is not configured properly, please contact an administrator."
spawnSet: "&6Spawn location set."
sudoPlayer: "&6Forced &c{0} &6to run &c\"{1}\"&6."
teleporting: "&6Teleporting..."
teleportAcceptedOther: "&c{0} &6accepted your teleport request."
teleportAcceptedSelf: "&6Teleport request accepted."
teleportAcceptConfirm: "&6To teleport, type &c/tpaccept"
teleportAcceptTimeout: "&6This request will timeout after &c{0} seconds&6."
teleportCommencing: "&6Teleportation will commence in &c{0} seconds&6. Don''t move."
teleportNoRequest: "&4You do not have a pending request."
teleportPlayerDisabled: "&4That player has teleport requests disabled."
teleportRequestedOther: "&c{0} &6has requested to teleport to you."
teleportHereRequestedOther: "&c{0} &6has requested that you teleport to them."
teleportRequestedSelf: "&6Request sent to &c{0}&6."
teleportingTo: "&6Teleporting to &c{0}"
teleportingPlayerTo: "&c{0} &6teleported you to &c{1}"
teleportToggleOff: "&6You are no longer denying teleport requests."
teleportToggleOn: "&6You are now denying teleport requests"
teleportToggleOnFactions: "&6Faction members will still be able to request teleports to you"
warpingTo: "&6Warping to &c{0}&6."
warpSet: "&6Warp &c{0} &6set."
warpRemoved: "&6Warp &c{0} &6has been removed."
warpNull: "&4That warp does not exist."
warpsEmpty: "&4No warps defined."
warpsList: "&6Warps: &f{0}"
worldNull: "&4Invalid world.\n&6Possible worlds are the numbers &c0 &6through &c2&6.\n&6You can also type the name of a specific world."
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