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cloud tasks fanout
client, err := cloudtasks.NewClient(ctx)
if err != nil {
log.Fatalf("NewClient: %v", err)
destName := fmt.Sprintf("%s", event.Metadata["name"])
destFormats := event.Metadata["formats"]
s := strings.Split(fmt.Sprintf("%v", destFormats), ",")
for _, destFmt := range s {
data := url.Values{}
data.Set("format", destFmt)
data.Set("source", event.Name)
data.Set("name", destName+"."+destFmt)
logger.Printf("Converting source [%s], to [%s] as format [%s]", event.Name, destName, destFmt)
taskID := uuid.New().String()
parentName := fmt.Sprintf("projects/%s/locations/%s/queues/%s", os.Getenv("GCLOUD_PROJECT"), locationID, queueID)
queuePath := fmt.Sprintf("%s/tasks/%s", parentName, taskID)
url := cloudRunURL + "/convert"
req := &taskspb.CreateTaskRequest{
Parent: parentName,
Task: &taskspb.Task{
Name: queuePath,
MessageType: &taskspb.Task_HttpRequest{
HttpRequest: &taskspb.HttpRequest{
HttpMethod: taskspb.HttpMethod_POST,
Url: url,
Headers: map[string]string{"Content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"},
Body: []byte(data.Encode()),
AuthorizationHeader: &taskspb.HttpRequest_OidcToken{
OidcToken: &taskspb.OidcToken{
ServiceAccountEmail: serviceAccount,
Audience: cloudRunURL,
resp, err := client.CreateTask(ctx, req)
if err != nil {
logger.Fatalf("ERROR: %v", err.Error())
logger.Printf("Enqueued Task %s", resp.GetName())
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