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Release Notes - Picard - Version 2.0


  • [PICARD-153] - Non-configuration data is saved in Picard.conf
  • [PICARD-173] - ID3 tag TSOP appears to be stored blank
  • [PICARD-340] - Cover art embedding will overwrite existing ones
  • [PICARD-405] - Save stopped working
  • [PICARD-817] - On high-resolution / high DPI displays, Picard's GUI is scaled wrong
  • [PICARD-1051] - Searching for similar tracks causes coredumps
  • [PICARD-1052] - Not disabled Search for similar tracks can cause coredumps
  • [PICARD-1056] - Crash when viewing file info dialog
  • [PICARD-1058] - Saving images as files doesn't work
  • [PICARD-1062] - Picard crashes when moving files on release
  • [PICARD-1063] - After #689 unit tests fail if astrcmp is not compiled
  • [PICARD-1064] - python test -v doesn't work
  • [PICARD-1065] - python patch_version doesn't work
  • [PICARD-1066] - python update_constants doesn't work
  • [PICARD-1067] - Visual bug after un-checking an installed plugin
  • [PICARD-1073] - "Add New Tag" crashes picard
  • [PICARD-1084] - Picard 2 doesn't find DVD drive
  • [PICARD-1085] - Multi-Dir Add Folder not working
  • [PICARD-1105] - Crashes when using the edit tag dialog
  • [PICARD-1106] - cancel plugin installation file dialog results in crash
  • [PICARD-1119] - picard sets "Disc Subtitle" to the track title
  • [PICARD-1123] - Multiple work languages are collapsed
  • [PICARD-1135] - Picard is not able to save on MTP devices
  • [PICARD-1138] - Search crashes due to AttributeError
  • [PICARD-1143] - Wrong amount of songs from added files
  • [PICARD-1147] - FYI, Can't load "Alan Parsons" album "On air" in Picard 1.2
  • [PICARD-1153] - "Lookup in Browser" and "Search" fail silently if artist name contains umlaut
  • [PICARD-1156] - Picard fails to start when trying to upgrade plugin which is a symlink
  • [PICARD-1159] - Can't open WAV files
  • [PICARD-1161] - Dragging artwork from Chrome pages doesn't work
  • [PICARD-1171] - Text of "About" can't be selected
  • [PICARD-1179] - Error while searching for alt. releases
  • [PICARD-1181] - In-app search dialog excessive slow down
  • [PICARD-1188] - Picard chooses incorrect value for language tag
  • [PICARD-1202] - Right click on tag listing causes exception and crash
  • [PICARD-1203] - Hide unsupported tags from the tag diff in UI
  • [PICARD-1204] - Picard freezes on unchecking show diff tags first

New Feature



  • [PICARD-581] - Picard XML processing should use lxml module rather than QXmlStreamReader
  • [PICARD-588] - Picard 2.0 based on Python 3
  • [PICARD-807] - Retry release fetch on MB server overload
  • [PICARD-879] - UI/UX overhaul for PICARD
  • [PICARD-922] - Make multi-value script functions work correctly
  • [PICARD-976] - Reimplement the picard WS code to accommodate future versions of MBWS
  • [PICARD-977] - Picard plugins api v2
  • [PICARD-978] - Distinguish in UI between unclustered and release unmatched files
  • [PICARD-1075] - Add unit tests for Metadata object variables
  • [PICARD-1087] - Improvements to UI for Lookup CD
  • [PICARD-1174] - Option to tolerate differences in track times
  • [PICARD-1200] - In Options dialog, tree pane on the left cannot be resized
  • [PICARD-1201] - Add a command-line option to not restore persisted UI sizes or positions
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