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Created Jul 23, 2015
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:source-paths #{"src/clj" "src/cljs" "test/clj"}
:resource-paths #{"html"}
:dependencies '[[adzerk/boot-cljs "0.0-3308-0"]
[adzerk/boot-cljs-repl "0.1.10-SNAPSHOT"]
[adzerk/boot-reload "0.3.1"]
[adzerk/boot-test "1.0.4"]
[cljsjs/hammer "2.0.4-4"]
[cljsjs/media-stream-recorder "1.2.6-0"]
[compojure "1.1.6"]
[datascript "0.11.5"]
[hiccup "1.0.5"]
[org.clojure/clojure "1.7.0-RC1"]
[org.clojure/clojurescript "0.0-3308"]
[org.clojure/core.async "0.1.346.0-17112a-alpha"]
[org.clojure/test.check "0.7.0"]
[org.omcljs/om "0.8.8"]
[pandeiro/boot-http "0.6.3-SNAPSHOT"]
[ring/ring-devel "1.4.0-RC1"]
[http-kit "2.1.18"]])
'[adzerk.boot-cljs :refer [cljs]]
'[adzerk.boot-cljs-repl :refer [cljs-repl start-repl]]
'[adzerk.boot-reload :refer [reload]]
'[adzerk.boot-test :refer [test]]
'[pandeiro.boot-http :refer [serve]])
cljs {:source-map true
:optimizations :none
:pretty-print true})
(require '[vidiot.server :refer [start-server]])
(deftask start-appengine-server
"Starts a python development server"
(fn [next-task]
(fn [fileset]
(let [result (next-task fileset)]
(dosh "" "server" "--port" "7070")
(deftask build
"Build an uberjar of this project that can be run with java -jar"
(cljs :optimizations :advanced)
(aot :namespace '#{vidiot.server})
(pom :project 'vidiot
:version "0.1.0")
(jar :main 'vidiot.server)))
(deftask dev
"Run project in development (start server manually)"
(comp (watch) (speak) (reload) (cljs-repl) (cljs) (start-appengine-server)))
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