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// Install Minikube
brew cask install minikube
// Verify that minikube is properly installed
minikube version
// Install the Kubernetes Command Line Utility - kubectl
brew install kubectl
// Start Minikube
minikube start
// Check Minikube status
minikube status
// View Kubernetes Dashboard
minikube dashboard
// View Kubernetes Cluster Information
kubectl cluster-info
// View the nodes that can be used to host your applications
kubectl get nodes
// Create a new deployment
kubectl run hello-minikube --port=8080
// List the deployments
kubectl get deployments
// Expose the deployment to an external IP
kubectl expose deployment hello-minikube --type=NodePort
// View the K8s services
kubectl get services
// View the URL that you can hit via browser
minikube service hello-minikube --url
// View the K8s pods in the cluster
kubectl get pods
// View the details of a specific resource
kubectl describe svc hello-minikube
// Delete the service and deployment
kubectl delete service,deployment hello-minikube
// Shut down the Minikube cluster
minikube stop
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