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Asynchronously handle tweet queue for twitter-streaming-client
;; create the client with a twitter.api streaming method
(def stream (twitter-client/create-twitter-stream twitter.api.streaming/statuses-filter
:oauth-creds twitter-creds
:params {:follow user-id}))
(defn create-tweet-entities [twitter-tweet]
; the entirety of this method should be wrapped in a database transaction
(insert stream-tweets
(values (twitter-tweet-to-stream-tweet twitter-tweet))))
(defn commit-tweet-queue-to-database [queues]
"Takes a map of queues and creates the tweet database objects for each tweet
in the queue"
(doseq [tweet (:tweet queues)] (create-tweet-entities tweet)))
(defn do-on-queues-changed [k, stream, os, nst]
"do something when an object is added to queues"
(let [buffered-tweets (:tweet (k nst))]
(if (> (count buffered-tweets) 0)
; at least one tweet is in the queue
(twitter-client/empty-queues stream commit-tweet-queue-to-database))))
(twitter-client/start-twitter-stream stream)
(add-watch stream :queues do-on-queues-changed))
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