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ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (2 for 1)
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class School
attr_accessor :roster
def initialize(school)
@roster = {}
def add_student(name, grade)
@roster[grade] ||= []
@roster[grade] << name
View pigeon_organizerv2.rb
pigeons = []
pigeon_list = {}
pigeon_data.each {|properties, properties_hash| pigeon_data[properties].
each {|property, birds| pigeons += birds}}
pigeons.each do |pigeon|
pigeon_list[pigeon] = {:color => [], :gender => "", :lives => ""}
pigeon_data.each do |properties,properties_hash|
View pigeon_organizer.rb
pigeons = []
pigeon_list = {}
pigeon_data.each {|props, vals| pigeon_data[props].
each {|prop, bird_set| pigeons += bird_set}}
pigeons.each do |pigeon|
pigeon_list[pigeon] = {:color => [], :gender => "", :lives => ""}
View blog_schedule.rb
def create_groups(source, students, groups)
arr, src = [], source.shuffle
(students*groups/41+1).times {arr += src}
def get_students
View hashketball.rb
# sam's algorithm for solving these.
# first, lay out three panels: screen shot of data below, bash window, & subl for visualization
# second, drill down carefully solving for entire set of a kind for results
# third, apply the 'filter' or the conditional to narrow results
game = {
:home => { :team_name => "Charlotte Hornets",
:colors => ["Turquoise", "Purple"],
:players => [
View reverse_words.rb
def reverse_each_word(sentence)
arr = [] do |word|
reversed = ""
i = 0
while i < word.length
reversed << word[word.length-(i+1)]
i += 1
View holidays.rb
# Holiday suppliers
# You have a bunch of decorations for various holidays organized by season.
holiday_supplies = {
:winter => {
:christmas => ["Lights", "Wreath"],
:new_years => ["Party Hats"]
:summer => {
:forth_of_july => ["Fireworks", "BBQ"]
View hashes.rb
# Movie collection by genre
movies = {
:animation => ["Incredibles", "Little Mermaid", "Cars"]
:comedy => ["Zoolander", "Groundhog Day"],
:drama => ["Little Women", "JFK", "Black Stallion"]
# Recipes with ingredients
View deli_counter.rb
# You need to program the "Take a Number" feature for a deli. At the start, the deli is empty and is represented by an empty array.
# Build a method that a new customer will use when entering our deli. The method, take_a_number, should accept the current line of people, along with the new person's name, and return their position in line (and no 0 index, these are normal people, if they are 7th in line, tell them that, not 6).
def take_a_number(place, person)
place << person
# Build a method now_serving. This method should call out (via puts) the next person in line and remove them from the line.