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aioaws SES example
from pathlib import Path
from httpx import AsyncClient
from import SesConfig, SesClient, SesRecipient, SesAttachment
async def ses_demo(client: AsyncClient):
ses_client = SesClient(client, SesConfig('<access key>', '<secret key>', '<region>'))
message_id = await ses_client.send_email(
SesRecipient('', 'Sender', 'Name'),
'This is the subject',
[SesRecipient('', 'John', 'Doe')],
'this is the plain text body',
html_body='<b>This is the HTML body.<b>',
SesAttachment(b'this is content', 'attachment-name.txt', 'text/plain'),
configuration_set='SES configuration set',
message_tags={'ses': 'tags', 'go': 'here'},
print('SES message ID:', message_id)
async def main():
async with AsyncClient() as client:
await ses_demo(client)
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