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Sam Goldman samwgoldman

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samwgoldman / example.js
Last active Mar 14, 2019
Pure, stateless, type-checked React components with Immutable.js and Flow
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/* @flow */
var React = require("react")
var Immutable = require("immutable")
// In order to use any type as props, including Immutable objects, we
// wrap our prop type as the sole "data" key passed as props.
type Component<P> = ReactClass<{},{ data: P },{}>
type Element = ReactElement<any, any, any>
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index 3ef907960..5de2e0e85 100644
--- a/runtime/compare.c
+++ b/runtime/compare.c
@@ -133,7 +133,8 @@ static intnat do_compare_val(struct compare_stack* stk,
return Long_val(v1) - Long_val(v2);
/* Subtraction above cannot overflow and cannot result in UNORDERED */
- if (Is_in_value_area(v2)) {
+ if (!Is_in_value_area(v2))
+ return LESS;
samwgoldman / Maybe.h
Created Mar 12, 2014
Maybe monad-alike in Objective-C using parts of ReactiveCocoa and libextobjc concrete protocols
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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <libextobjc/EXTConcreteProtocol.h>
@protocol Maybe <NSObject>
- (id<Maybe>)map:(id (^)(id value))block;
- (id<Maybe>)flattenMap:(id<Maybe> (^)(id value))block;
- (id<Maybe>)orElse:(id)defaultValue;
- (id)getOrElse:(id)defaultValue;
View gist:1fcceea36206e1544414
/* @flow */
type Maybe<T,U> = (pattern: {
some(x: T): U;
none(): U;
}) => U;
function map<A,B,C>(maybe: Maybe<A,C>, f: (a: A) => B): Maybe<B,C> {
return function(pattern) {
return maybe({
View jsbin.ucanam.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="application">
{{view Ember.Select content=options value=computed}}
View gist:6557156
class Foo
def bar
set_trace_func proc { |event, file, line, id, binding, classname|
if event == "call"
View gist:6458771
require "active_support/all"
now = Date.current
# => Thu, 05 Sep 2013
now - 2.months - 5.days + 2.months + 5.days == now
# => false
now - 2.months - 5.days + 5.days + 2.months == now
# => true
View gist:5789657
require "active_record" # 4.0.0.rc2
require "minitest/autorun"
class Migrate < ActiveRecord::Migration
self.verbose = false
def up
create_table(:memberships) do |t|
View ar_relation_scope.rb
require "active_record"
require "rspec/autorun"
class Migrate < ActiveRecord::Migration
self.verbose = false
def up
create_table(:tasks) do |t|
t.references :project, null: false
samwgoldman / jsverify.js
Created Nov 14, 2015
First pass at Flow interface file for jsverify
View jsverify.js
declare module "jsverify" {
// Either
declare interface Either<A,B> {
either<T>(l: (a: A) => T, r: (b: B) => T): T;
isEqual(other: Either<A,B>): boolean;
bimap<C,D>(f: (a: A) => C, g: (b: B) => D): Either<C,D>;
first<C>(f: (a: A) => C): Either<C,B>;
second<D>(g: (b: B) => D): Either<A,D>;
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