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Sandro Keil sandrokeil

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sandrokeil / git-batch-upstream
Last active Jan 5, 2016
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if [ "$#" -ne 1 ]; then
echo "First parameter is a file with a list of repos and second parameter (optional) is git path e.g. git-batch-upstream repos.txt"
cat $1 | while read line
sandrokeil / git-batch-upstream-branch-update
Created Jan 5, 2016
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if [ "$#" -ne 1 ]; then
echo "First parameter is a file with a list of repos git-batch-upstream-branch-update repos.txt"
cat $1 | while read line
sandrokeil / gist:30a197f2b92ef524257a
Created Jan 9, 2016
Verifying that +sandrokeil is my blockchain ID.
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Verifying that +sandrokeil is my blockchain ID.
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if [ "$#" -ne 2 ]; then
echo "First parameter is a file with a list of repos and second parameter is the git path e.g. git-batch-clone repos.txt"
cd $(pwd)
cat $1 | while read line
if [ ! -d "$line" ]; then
sandrokeil /
Created Oct 2, 2017

prooph Event Store benchmark

They were running a notebook with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-Q720 CPU @ 1.6GHz (x8), 20 GB RAM, SAMSUNG SSD 850

ArangoDB event store

arangodb: recreating test-database _system

test 1 create 10 streams with 100 events in each stream, using 1 event per commit

test 1 using arangodb took 1.3396980762482 seconds test 1 using arangodb writes 746.4368410534 events per second

sandrokeil / arangodb.json
Last active Nov 27, 2017
Benchmark JSON
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{"collections":{"write":["cfc3bd10cb689dcd23c9046019340ac6d19a93764"]},"action":"function () {var db = require('@arangodb').db;var rId0 = db.cfc3bd10cb689dcd23c9046019340ac6d19a93764.insert([{\"_key\":\"100000000000000001\",\"event_id\":\"2ff3c577-ebe8-4415-af0d-baaccb97620d\",\"event_name\":\"ProophTest\\\\EventStore\\\\Mock\\\\TestDomainEvent\",\"payload\":{\"key1\":\"value1\",\"key2\":2,\"key3\":\"\",\"key4\":\"value4\",\"key5\":true,\"key6\":false,\"key7\":7},\"metadata\":{\"_aggregate_version\":2},\"created_at\":\"2017-11-27T16:43:11.984174\"},{\"_key\":\"100000000000000002\",\"event_id\":\"ea7a0992-492d-4a60-b85e-5a3e9bac29ef\",\"event_name\":\"ProophTest\\\\EventStore\\\\Mock\\\\TestDomainEvent\",\"payload\":{\"key1\":\"value1\",\"key2\":2,\"key3\":\"\",\"key4\":\"value4\",\"key5\":true,\"key6\":false,\"key7\":7},\"metadata\":{\"_aggregate_version\":3},\"created_at\":\"2017-11-27T16:43:11.984291\"},{\"_key\":\"100000000000000003\",\"event_id\":\"0d84043b-c4b2-4c84-a9da-e74de94
sandrokeil / arangodb.log
Last active Nov 27, 2017
error arangodb.log
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Attaching to eventstorebenchmarks_arangodb_1, eventstorebenchmarks_php_1
arangodb_1 | automaticaly choosing storage engine
arangodb_1 | Initializing database...Hang on...
arangodb_1 | Database initialized...Starting System...
arangodb_1 | {startup} Action::loadOptions
arangodb_1 | {startup} FileDescriptors::loadOptions
arangodb_1 | {startup} Greetings::loadOptions
arangodb_1 | {startup} LoggerBuffer::loadOptions
arangodb_1 | {startup} Nonce::loadOptions
arangodb_1 | {startup} PageSize::loadOptions
sandrokeil / vpack_bench.php
Created Dec 2, 2017
vpack benchmark test #1
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require 'vendor/autoload.php';
use ArangoDb\Vpack;
use ProophTest\EventStore\Mock\TestDomainEvent;
$payload = [
'key1' => 'value1',
sandrokeil / 20171207-2336.log
Last active Dec 14, 2017
ArangoDB prooph event store benchmarks
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Testing databases are (Barangodb mysql postgres mariadb
Name Command State Ports
eventstorebenchmarks_arangodb_1 / arangod Up>8529/tcp
eventstorebenchmarks_php_1 docker-php-entrypoint php -a Exit 0
Docker Info(B
Containers: 25
Running: 1
sandrokeil / results.log
Created Apr 11, 2018
ArangoDB PHPCPP Driver 20180411-2226
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Name Command State Ports
eventstorebenchmarksphpcpp_database_1 / arangod Up>8529/tcp
Docker Info
Containers: 26
Running: 1
Paused: 0
Stopped: 25
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