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Matt, Murahashi Kenichi sanemat

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sanemat /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
intro php study #88
sanemat /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Visualize php lint tools

静的解析をPull Request上に可視化する

あまり詳しくないのでおしえてください! 気になるところがあったらどんどん止めて。 あと、こんなことやってるので誰か手伝って!

今使ってる lintなど静的解析のコマンド、web サービスなど

  • PHP CodeSniffer
    • CodeSniffer is a tool which checks if your code is compliant with a general ruleset or your own custom ruleset.
View rubocop-result.txt
/Users/sane/RubymineProjects/fastladder/Gemfile:10:50 INFO: Prefer single-quoted strings when you don't need string interpolation or special symbols.
/Users/sane/RubymineProjects/fastladder/Gemfile:14:24 INFO: Do not use `::` for method calls.
/Users/sane/RubymineProjects/fastladder/Gemfile:15:41 INFO: Space between { and | missing.
/Users/sane/RubymineProjects/fastladder/Gemfile:15:64 INFO: Space missing inside }.
/Users/sane/RubymineProjects/fastladder/Gemfile:18:16 WARNING: Assignment in condition - you probably meant to use `==`.
/Users/sane/RubymineProjects/fastladder/Gemfile:25:17 INFO: Space found before semicolon.
/Users/sane/RubymineProjects/fastladder/Gemfile:25:22 INFO: Do not use `when x;`. Use `when x then` instead.
/Users/sane/RubymineProjects/fastladder/Gemfile:26:16 INFO: Space found before semicolon.
/Users/sane/RubymineProjects/fastladder/Gemfile:26:22 INFO: Do not use `when x;`. Use `when x then` instead.
/Users/sane/RubymineProjects/fastladder/Gemfile:27:19 INFO: Space found before semicol

bundle gem checkstyle_filter-git -t minitest で生成したテストディレクトリ

[sane@indi checkstyle_filter-git]$ tree test/                                               
├── minitest_helper.rb
└── test_checkstyle_filter
    └── git.rb

1 directory, 2 files
sanemat /
Created Feb 11, 2015
bundler 1.8.0 new featureのこの記法ウレシイのだろうか…
source ""

github "spree" do
  gem "spree_core"
  gem "spree_api"
  gem "spree_backend"
sanemat / js-support.markdown
Last active Aug 29, 2015
lintとか #tng15
View js-support.markdown

Lint for JavaScript

  • eslint
  • jscs
  • jshint
  • jslint
  • Closure Linter
  • coffeelint
  • tslint
sanemat / json-1-8-0.txt
Created Jan 22, 2015
View json-1-8-0.txt
$ bundle
Fetching gem metadata from
Fetching git://
Installing rake 10.1.0
Installing RedCloth 4.2.9
Installing i18n 0.6.5
Installing minitest 4.7.5
Installing multi_json 1.7.9
Installing atomic 1.1.13
  • docker remote apiをrubyから使う pros, cons
    • uuidっぽいものをnameに渡すとか
    • logspout をdocker -d じゃなくてsupervisordで動かすといいとか
    • fluentdへのログの流し方とか
    • 環境変数でyamlの受け渡しとか
    • exconってなんだよ! faradayかnet-httpかhttpartyかopen-uri使ってくれよ が それとなく使えるようになった話
  • whitequark/parser 使おうとしてうまくいかなかった話
  • いろんな会社/チームに使ってもらおうと訪問してる話
  • houndciをherokuで動かせるんじゃないかな? que[kei - kay]の話
View fontforge.txt
PYTHON_CFLAGS=$(python-config --includes) PYTHON_LIBS=$(python-config --libs) brew install fontforge
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