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A quick script to transform a Markdown file's relative images to absolute by uploading them to a plugin-based service (S3, Imgur)
import re
import mimetypes
from pathlib import Path
import requests
import boto3
from botocore.exceptions import ClientError
PATTERN_FULL = '(?:!\[(?P<alt_text>.*?)\]\((?P<filename>.*?)\))'
PATTERN_FNAME = '(?:!\[(?:.*?)\]\((?P<filename>.*?)\))'
class Uploader:
def upload_image(self, image_path, override=False):
raise NotImplementedError()
class S3Uploader(Uploader):
def __init__(self, s3_bucket, s3_relative_path, s3_ACL=None):
self.bucket = s3_bucket
self.relative_path = s3_relative_path.rstrip('/').lstrip('/')
self.s3_acl = s3_ACL
self.client = boto3.client('s3')
def upload_image(self, image_path, override=False):
p = Path(image_path)
kwargs = {}
if self.s3_acl:
kwargs['ACL'] = self.s3_acl
key = f'{self.relative_path}/{}'
if not override:
self.client.head_object(Bucket=self.bucket, Key=key)
return f"https://{self.bucket}{key}"
except ClientError as exc:
if exc.response['Error']['Code'] != "404":
raise exc
content_type, _ = mimetypes.guess_type(image_path)
if content_type:
kwargs['ContentType'] = content_type
with'rb') as fp:
return f"https://{self.bucket}{key}"
class ImgurUploader(Uploader):
def __init__(self, imgur_access_token):
self.access_token = imgur_access_token
def upload_image(self, image_path, override=False):
p = Path(image_path)
headers = {"Authorization": f"Bearer {self.access_token}"}
with'rb') as fp:
files = {'image': fp}
resp =
headers=headers, files=files)
return resp.json()['data']['link']
's3': S3Uploader,
'imgur': ImgurUploader
def main(original_path, output_path, uploader, override=False, **uploader_kwargs):
"""Reads a markdown file, finds all the images and uploads them using `uploader`.
The result is a new file under `output_path`. Provide specific parameters
for the uploader with `uploader_kwargs`.
original_path: str, a valid filesystem path
The path of the markdown file used to transform.
output_path: str, a valid filesystem path
The path of where the resulting markdown file will be stored.
WARNING! This file will be overwritten.
uploader: str, a choice of uploaders
The uploader to use. Currently only supported in the `UPLOADERS` variable.
override: bool
Passed to the uploader, if the image should be overridden or not.
It's responsability of the uploader to respect this flag.
**uploader_kwargs: keyword arguments
Everything else will be passed to the Uploader at the moment of initialization.
UploaderClass = UPLOADERS[uploader]
uploader = UploaderClass(**uploader_kwargs)
original_path = Path(original_path)
base_path = original_path.parent
pattern = re.compile(PATTERN_FNAME)
with as fp:
content =
image_relative_paths = set(pattern.findall(content))
image_mapping = {
image_relative: (base_path / image_relative) for image_relative in image_relative_paths
missing_images = [str(abs_path) for _, abs_path in image_mapping.items() if not abs_path.exists()]
if missing_images:
raise ValueError(f'Missing images: {",".join(missing_images)}')
image_results = {
relative_path: uploader.upload_image(abs_path, override)
for relative_path, abs_path in image_mapping.items()
for relative_path, upload_path in image_results.items():
content = content.replace(relative_path, upload_path)
with open(output_path, 'w') as fp:
if __name__ == "__main__":
# S3 Example
# Imgur Example

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@santiagobasulto santiagobasulto commented Aug 28, 2020

I created this script in just a few minutes to solve an issue with a bunch of MD files that were exported with relative, local images and I needed them absolute and hosted on S3. Please make sure you read how it works before using it.

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