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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Minetest android port issues
Latest test version:
1) Far too much mesh regen lag
--> no idea if I can change anything about this
2) Inventory button is too small
--> design decision, it's smaller on purpose, maybe some poll should tell us about this
3) When not moving, jump only works if you hold it
--> I'm gonna check this seems to be a bug
4) Shaders don't work and shouldn't be in the menu
--> are you sure there ain't any device supporting shaders?
5) Enter should submit chat.
--> true, but hard to fix as this is a result of text field handling in formspecs
6) Text pop-up should open automatically when opening up the chat form
--> basicaly same as 5
8) Crouch has no visual feedback, which is confusing (IIRC there's a PR/patch for this or somethink like it)
--> shouldn't be a android issue but same in master
11) Multi-second lag in singleplayer
--> same as 1
12) Back doesn't close chat. (Map back to ESC?)
--> formspec issue I'm gonna check, it's fixed for all menus then
13) You can look too far down and up (completely behind you both ways)
--> wonder where this is limited in original code

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@sapier sapier commented Mar 25, 2014

  1. When not moving, jump only works if you hold it
    --> can't reproduce

  2. All nodes are half-height now...
    --> fixed

  3. Inventory fields debug info is printed
    --> fixed? ... no ... fixing next time

  4. No flying in creative
    --> added new checkbox in main menu

  5. Touch free target option seems locked to true
    --> fixed

  6. Creative mode setting isn't persistant
    --> fixed


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@ShadowNinja ShadowNinja commented Jul 22, 2014

I also noted that in 0.4.10 the --verbose log is sent to LogCat as ERROR.

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