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@sarcoma sarcoma/switch-case.js
Last active Jul 19, 2019

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Switch String Case. Coverts camelCase or PascalCase to kebab-case or snake_case or any delimited string and vice versa,
const camelCaseToDelimitedString = (string, delimiter = '-') =>
string.replace(/([a-z0-9]|(?<!^)(?=[A-Z]))([A-Z])/g, '$1'+delimiter+'$2').toLowerCase();
const delimitedStringToCamelCase = (string, delimiter = '-') =>
string.replace(new RegExp(delimiter + '([a-z])', 'g'), (m, c) => c.toUpperCase());

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sarcoma commented Jul 19, 2019

 * Examples
console.log(camelCaseToDelimitedString('helloWorld', '_'));
console.log(camelCaseToDelimitedString('HelloWorld', '_'));
console.log(delimitedStringToCamelCase('hello, world', ', '));
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