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Meetup Template
# Introduction
Awesome that you are interested in hosting an event!
This is a template that we use here at Stockholm React JS.
Since we parse this file programatically, please **do not** change headers or bold text, but feel free to change any text inside of a section or add anything you find appropriate.
# Your event intro
{{The intro text of this event, use this to quickly explain what the event
will be all about, be clear and try to get peoples attention. Don't write too much.}}
# Hosted by
**Company Name:** {{Name of the company host}}
**Address:** {{Host Address}}
# Full length talks
**By:** {{Name of speaker}}
**Title:** {{Title of the talk}}
**Description:** {{A short description of the talk}}
**Link:** {{Any link}}
# Lightning talks
**By:** {{Name of speaker}}
**Title:** {{Title of the lightning talk}}
# Food / Drinks (optional)
**Food:** {{Comma seperated list of different food}}
**Drinks:** {{Comma seperated list of different drinks}}
*a vegan alternative must be present*
*a non alcoholic alternative must be present*
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