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Satwik Kansal satwikkansal

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satwikkansal / ems.sol
Last active October 22, 2022 07:30
Ethereum Smart contract for an Exam Management system written in solidity
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pragma solidity ^0.5.12;
contract Exam {
// The assessable element
// The Exam marking system which is responsible for invoking assessment functions.
address owner_ems;
address payable student;
// Main examiners
satwikkansal / cheatsheet.cpp
Last active September 9, 2022 05:25
C++ STL cheatsheet for competitive progrmming
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This a header file that includes every standard library.
You can use it to save time.
NOTE: This header file may not be recognized by compilers
other than gcc.
#include <bits/stdc++.h>
//Use this if the above header file doesn't work.
satwikkansal /
Created May 3, 2017 07:55
Quotefancy wallpapers scraper
import shutil
import os
import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
# USAGE: Add all the galleries that you want to be scraped in the list below
roots = ["",
satwikkansal /
Created June 19, 2018 18:36
Generative Adversarial Network implementation in Tensorflow for MNIST dataset: Generating handwritten digits using GANs
import tensorflow as tf
from PIL import Image
import numpy as np
from tensorflow.examples.tutorials.mnist import input_data
mnist = input_data.read_data_sets('MNIST_data', one_hot=True)
model_dir = './model/'
model_name = 'gan_mnist'
satwikkansal / BankingContract.sol
Last active November 11, 2020 07:30
Ethereum Smart Contracts written in Solidity for Crowdfunding
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pragma solidity ^0.5.12;
Starting with the bank smart contract, create the notion of a next-of-kin address which gives names who can take control of the account if left inactive for 3 years.
▹ Add code to ensure that upon registering, a user must provide a next-of-kin address.
Hint: You will need a new table to store this.
▹ Add another table which stores when an account was last used (by calling register, deposit or payOut).
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satwikkansal /
Created September 19, 2019 07:02
Steps for settting up Jupyter notebook for virtual environment in Python (2019 guide)

Make sure you have jupyter installed and virtual envrionment set up already. I prefer virtualenv. If you don't have it set up, you can follow these steps,

$ pip install jupyter
$ pip install virtualenv
$ python -m virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate

Here, we've created virtual environment called venv and activated it.

satwikkansal / Simple Cricket API script
Last active May 27, 2019 13:02
Cheatsheet for Python
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#importing the python requests library
import requests
def get_scores():
url = ""
#Creatin a GET request
response = requests.get(url)
satwikkansal /
Last active March 29, 2019 13:14
Work Report for Google Summer Of Code 2017
Orgainization [coala]
Project name Enhance coala-quickstart
Primary repository [coala-quickstart]
Project Mentors Adhityaa, Zatreanu Adrian-Gabriel
Project Page [Summer of Code Project Page]
Status Completed

Project Abstract