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Satoshi Murakami satyr

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View google++.ubiq.js
Utils.extend(feed, {
title: 'google++',
author: {
name: 'satyr', email: 'murky.satyr\',
homepage: '',
license: 'X',
Google = '',
satyr / copy.ubiq.js
Last active Oct 6, 2016
Builds a text (from the page title etc.) and sends it to your clipboard.
View copy.ubiq.js
H = Utils.escapeHtml,
Aliases = {
t: {
help: 'title',
get text(){ return info().title },
u: {
help: 'URL',
get text(){ return info().url },
View google-bookmark-example.ubiq.js
name: 'google bookmark example?',
description: '?',
preview: function gbe_preview(pb){
pb.innerHTML = '...';
CmdUtils.previewAjax(pb, {
url: '',
dataType: 'text',
success: function gbe_success(xml){
var {bookmarks} = XML(xml.replace(/<\?[^>]*>/, ''));
View gatherer.ubiq.js
const Name = 'gatherer', Gatherer = '',
Base = '<style>\
a img {border:none}\
tr {background-color:inherit !important}\
td {padding:0 .2em 1ex !important; width:auto !important}\
.error {font-style:oblique; line-height:1.8}\
.logo {display:inline-block}\
.logo > img {max-width:100%; vertical-align:middle}\
.loading {opacity:0.9}\
.loading + .logo {opacity:0.4}\
satyr / jamazon.ubiq.js
Last active May 12, 2016 (Ubiquity 0.5.4+)
View jamazon.ubiq.js
var Name = 'jamazon',
Jamazon = '',
ItemMax = 35,
Logo = '<a class="logo" href="'+ Jamazon +'" accesskey="0">'
+ '<img border="0" width="126" height="28" align="middle" src="'
+ ''
+ 'navAmazonLogoFooter._V28243234_.gif'
+ '"/></a>',
Base = '<style>\
.head {padding:0 0.4em}\
satyr / replace.ubiquity.js
Last active May 11, 2016
[forked] replace.ubiquity.js
View replace.ubiquity.js
var noun_typed_text = {
name: 'typed text',
suggest: function suggestTyped(txt, htm, cb, si){
return !si && {text: txt, summary: htm, score: .4}
var replace = CmdUtils.CreateCommand({
name: 'replace',
icon: 'chrome://ubiquity/skin/icons/page_refresh.png',
View noautohide.ubiq.js
function cmd_toggle_autohide(){
displayMessage(toggleAutoHide(context.chromeWindow.gUbiquity), this);
function toggleAutoHide(U){
var p = U.msgPanel, nah = noAutoHide(p), b = nah !== 'on';
p.setAttribute('noautohide', b);
p[(b ? 'add' : 'remove') +'EventListener']('keydown', manualHide, false);
return nah;
function noAutoHide(p){
View navkeys.uc.js
@name navkeys
@desc personal key binds for caret-movement, scrolling and selection
@include main
@include ~^chrome://global/content/view(?:Partial)?Source\.xul
@author satyr
NavKey = {s: {
H : 'scrollLeft',
View dct.uc.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name domain color tab
// @desc Color-codes each tab by the domain of its content.
// @include main
// @compat Fx39+
// @author satyr
// @license X
// ==/UserScript==
let c = '8ace'
View check-twitter.ubiq.js
const Name = 'check-twitter',
Twitter = '',
Icon = Twitter +'favicon.ico',
Base = <div class={Name}><style><![CDATA[
$ol {list-style:none; margin:0}
$li {font-size:92%; line-height:1.2em}
$ol, $li {padding:0.2em 0}
$a img {border:none}
$button {font:bold 100% "Consolas",monospace; padding:0; border-width:1px}
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