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Work Product Project Report for GSoC 2017 - saurabhjn76

GSoC 2017

GSoC 2017 - SUSI Server,SUSI Skill CMS, SUSI Skill Data - Saurabh Jain - FOSSASIA

During GSoC, I worked on SUSI.AI Server, SUSI.AI Skill CMS and SUSI.AI Skill Data.

SUSI Server:

Worked on enhancing SUSI Server, for new Server api endpoints, general bug fixes, SUSI's response and Skill metadata.

Github Repo - SUSI Server

My main task was to enhance SUSI Server to follow an API centric approach for Skill CMS. SUSI Skill CMS needed server endpoints for creating, editing, deleting and saving the versioning history of skills. Enhancing server to support updated skill metadata format. And to help cloud team with auto deployment master branch of server on Google Cloud Platform using Kubernetes and docker images after each Travis build on a successful PR merge, integration of skill data for CMS and regularly updation of skill data through SUSI Server. The deployment link currently active:


API homepage Susi Apps
Get Skill endpoint Get Skill Metadata


A web application framework to edit SUSI Skills. This app displays skills in visually appealing way, allows user to create, edit, delete and see the versioning history of skills. Worked on building the app, auto-deployment on gh-pages and adding various features to it.

Github Repo - SUSI Skill CMS

Project deployment -

Presentation - SUSI Skill CMS

Project Screencast - SUSI Skill CMS


Browse Skills Create Skill
Skill Languages Skill Categories
Skill Page Edit Skill
Skill Versions Skill Revision History
Login SignUP

SUSI Skill Data:

The repository contains SUSI.AI skills. Added many skills for SUSI.AI.

Github Repo - SUSI Skill Data

I contributed in this by making some of the SUSI.AI skills.

My Contributions

SUSI Server


SUSI Skill Data

SUSI Android

I also provided little contributions in SUSI Android


The meetup was conducted with @singhpratyush and @aviaryan.

Facebook Event | Tweet.

Additional Links

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