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View network_basic.R
# Tutorial and data based on the network visualization workshop published over
# get the data
nodes <- read.csv("", header=T,
ties <- read.csv("", header=T,
# Explore data:
jessykate / Jekyll nd Octopress Liquid tag for MathJax.rb
Created Feb 18, 2011
A simple liquid tag for Jekyll/Octopress that converts {% m %} and {% em %} into inline math, and {% math %} and {% endmath %} into block equations, by replacing with the appropriate MathJax script tags.
View Jekyll nd Octopress Liquid tag for MathJax.rb
module Jekyll
class MathJaxBlockTag < Liquid::Tag
def render(context)
'<script type="math/tex; mode=display">'
class MathJaxInlineTag < Liquid::Tag
def render(context)
'<script type="math/tex">'
ilkka / tag_cloud_tag.rb
Created Nov 22, 2010
Jekyll tag cloud / tag pages plugin
View tag_cloud_tag.rb
module Jekyll
class TagCloudTag < Liquid::Tag
safe = true
def initialize(tag_name, text, tokens)
def render(context)
html = ""
edavis10 / _config.yml
Created Nov 6, 2009
Pagination in Jekyll
View _config.yml
# ....other stuff here
paginate: 10