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Created Apr 23, 2019

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osquery for autn
Using python and osquery write two scripts (server_script and client_script).
1. Server_script Acts as TLS server that Listens to connections from client script.
2. Once a connection is established, the server needs to authenticate the client (ensure it's allowed to connect to the server) using osquery.
3. The server script prompts user for an osquery to execute on client.
4. Server script passes the command to the client script.
5. Client_script authorizes the request (ensure it's coming from an authorized server) using osquery (osquery is the one that does the actual authorization).
6. Client_script executes the query and returns the result to the server.
7. Server prints the result on the screen or - in case of error - reports the error.
Along with the scripts please provide instructions on how to configure osquery authorization properly both on client and server.
* You have to provide all source code and I will own the code.
* Client script and server script will be executed on different machines but within same network (LAN)
* Client script should work on Windows, Linux and Mac.
* Client script should refuse to connect to a different server (on a different network) even if that server has same IP as original server. (no IP based authentication)
* Server should only accept connections from properly configured clients that has the correct authorization. (no IP based authentication)
* I will own all the code.
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