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sample google translate python script
"""Use Google translate web service"""
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import json, urllib
import scriptcontext
# Api key that I (Steve Baer) got from Google
# You might want to generate your own key, but I don't care
# if you continue to use this one.
KEY = "AIzaSyAZGoS-GjZGaSHZMZdoczfdUtWTjm_D-p4"
def translate(text, source="en", target="fr"):
"""Translate text from one language to another. Returns the
translated text on success or None on failure
# see if we already have a cached answer
cache_dict_name = "translate " + source + ":" + target
if scriptcontext.sticky.has_key(cache_dict_name):
cache = scriptcontext.sticky[cache_dict_name]
if cache.has_key(text): return cache[text]
url = ""
url += "?key=" + KEY
url += "&q="+urllib.quote(text.encode('utf-8'))
url += "&source="+source
url += "&target="+target
f = urllib.urlopen(url)
s ='UTF-8')
# it seems that the google translate api return html encoded strings
htmlcodes = ('&', '&amp;'),('<', '&lt;'),('>', '&gt;'),('"', '&quot;'),("'", '&#39;')
for c, code in htmlcodes: s = s.replace(code, c)
rc = json.loads(s)
if rc.has_key("data"):
translated = rc["data"]["translations"][0]["translatedText"]
if not scriptcontext.sticky.has_key(cache_dict_name):
scriptcontext.sticky[cache_dict_name] = {}
scriptcontext.sticky[cache_dict_name][text] = translated
return translated
# use __name__ test to determine if this script is directly being
# executed or if it is being loaded as a library
if( __name__=="__main__" ):
if rs.ContextIsGrasshopper():
# if this script is running in grasshopper, translate the input
# variable and set the output variables
spanish = translate(english, "en", "es")
german = translate(english, "en", "de")
french = translate(english, "en", "fr")
italian = translate(english, "en", "it")
japanese = translate(english, "en", "ja")
elif rs.ContextIsRhino():
# get text dots and translate their contents
dots = rs.GetObjects("Select dots to translate", rs.filter.textdot)
if dots:
langs = { "English":"en",
source_lang = rs.GetString("source", "English", langs.keys())
source_lang = langs[source_lang]
target_lang = rs.GetString("target", "Spanish", langs.keys())
target_lang = langs[target_lang]
for dot in dots:
s = rs.TextDotText(dot)
s = translate(s, source_lang, target_lang)
rs.TextDotText(dot, s)

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@kevincarv kevincarv commented Sep 30, 2019

Hello, Steve. Congratulations for your wordpress, has a lot of interesting information.
Well, I'm trying to use this code of yours, but I can't make it work, even using my own API key. There is no error, but the output is "null" for every language. See the gh file here

Hope you can give me an idea of how to fix.

Thanks you in advance,


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@sbaer sbaer commented Sep 30, 2019

I think google discontinued supporting their translate service several years ago

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