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Show and hide comments, using jQuery
button.showComments { margin-right: .5em }
.comment { font: inherit; white-space: pre-wrap; color: #ccc }
<p><button class="showComments">Show Comments</button>
<!-- Example -->
// Create button.showComments to interface
// Style .comment for flavour
function showComments() {
$('*').contents().filter(function() {
return this.nodeType == 8;
}).each(function(i, e) {
pre = $('<pre class="comment"></pre>');
pre.text(e.nodeValue.replace(/^[ \t\r\n]+/, ''));
// pre.wrap('<details></details>');
// $('<summary>&lt;!-- --&gt;</summary>').insertBefore(pre);
$('button.showComments').text('Hide Comments').click(hideComments);
function hideComments() {
$('button.showComments').text('Show Comments').click(showComments);
$(function() {

The "fiddle" filenames are to enable the preview of this code on jsFiddle.



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