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9582b9 (jchris/gist) kevin@sb.org Add gist binary 4 months ago
c1a6f9 (jchris/gist~1) kevin@sb.org Tweak Rakefile spec tasks to be a bi 4 months ago
d3c332 (jchris/gist~2) kevin@sb.org Pull out two helpers into the shared 4 months ago
8f65ab (jchris/gist~3) kevin@sb.org Extract command/helper spec assistan 4 months ago
389dbf (jchris/gist~4) kevin@sb.org Rename ui_spec to command_spec 4 months ago
670a1a (jchris/gist~5) kevin@sb.org Hoist the specs into a per-binary sp 4 months ago
6aa18e (jchris/gist~6) kevin@sb.org Hoist commands/helpers into a per-co 4 months ago
ee013a (luislavena/master) luislavena@gmail.com Replaced STDOUT by $stdout in specs. 2 weeks ago
d543c4 (luislavena/master~3) luislavena@gmail.com Exclude package folder. 8 weeks ago
a8c3eb (luislavena/master~5) luislavena@gmail.com Fixed specs for open under Windows. 5 months ago
33d003 (riquedafreak/master) enrique.osuna@gmail. Make sure it exists on the remote an 5 weeks ago
157155 (riquedafreak/master~1) enrique.osuna@gmail. Updated specs. 5 weeks ago
f44e99 (riquedafreak/master~3) enrique.osuna@gmail. Only work with a clean branch. 3 months ago
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