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Last active Jun 18, 2016
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Pfxcalc, a prefix notation calculator.
Programmed by zyabin101
This code is hereby released into the public domain
import ast
def lit_input(prompt):
Safely evaluate input. Only returns the following Python literal
structures: strings, numbers, tuples, lists, dicts, booleans, and 'None'.
Raises ValueError for malformed strings.
return ast.literal_eval(raw_input(prompt))
def lorr_input(prompt, result):
inputted = raw_input(prompt)
return result if inputted == "result" else ast.literal_eval(inputted)
# Initialization
x = None
# Print welcome message
print "Welcome to Pfxcalc. Type 'help' for more information."
# Main program loop
while True:
# Get user input
cmd = raw_input(">> ")
# Process input
if cmd == "quit":
elif cmd == "result":
print x
elif cmd == "help":
helpmsg = """
Pfxcalc is a prefix notation calculator.
Prefix notation, aka Polish notation, is a form of notation for logic,
arithmetic and algebra, like infix and postfix (reverse Polish)
The expression '+ 3 4' in prefix notation is as valid as '3 + 4' in
infix notation, as well as '3 4 +' in postfix notation.
Every computation starts with entering a command and the result is
printed *and* saved in a variable that can be recalled by entering
'result'. The variable can even be used as an argument for functions,
using the same command.
List of commands:
quit - self explanatory
result - recall the result variable
help - print this message
+ - add two numbers or sequences
- - subtract two numbers
* - multiply two numbers, or a sequence by a number
/ - divide two numbers
print helpmsg
elif cmd == "+":
x = (lorr_input("Left side addend? ", x) +
lorr_input("Right side addend? ", x))
print x # Implicitly output result
elif cmd == "-":
x = lorr_input("Minuend? ", x) - lorr_input("Subtrahend? ", x)
print x # Implicitly output result
elif cmd == "*":
x = (lorr_input("Left side factor? ", x) *
lorr_input("Right side factor? ", x))
print x # Implicitly output result
elif cmd == "/":
x = lorr_input("Dividend? ", x) / lorr_input("Divisor? ", x)
print x # Implicitly output result
print "Unrecognized command."
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