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"material": {
"t": "material",
"bg": "rgba(187,187,187,0)",
"wt": "none",
"wc": false,
"fm": "Fira Code",
"fs": "14px",
"ln": false,
"ds": true,
"dsyoff": "3px",
"dsblur": "13px",
"wa": true,
"lh": "133%",
"pv": "12px",
"ph": "12px",
"si": false,
"wm": false,
"es": "2x",
"type": "png",
"paddingVertical": "12px",
"paddingHorizontal": "12px",
"backgroundImage": null,
"backgroundImageSelection": null,
"backgroundMode": "color",
"backgroundColor": "rgba(187,187,187,0)",
"dropShadow": true,
"dropShadowOffsetY": "3px",
"dropShadowBlurRadius": "13px",
"theme": "material",
"windowTheme": "none",
"language": "auto",
"fontFamily": "Fira Code",
"fontSize": "14px",
"lineHeight": "133%",
"windowControls": false,
"widthAdjustment": true,
"lineNumbers": false,
"firstLineNumber": 1,
"exportSize": "2x",
"watermark": false,
"squaredImage": false,
"hiddenCharacters": false,
"loading": false,
"icon": "/static/presets/6.png",
"isVisible": true
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