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[Stalingrad] are units destroyed at Stalingrad, reconstituted
[Tunisia] destroyed in Tunisia, reconstituted
Army Group B
44th, [Stalingrad]
305th, [Stalingrad]
71st, [Stalingrad]
76th, [Stalingrad]
94th, [Stalingrad] from 95th and 278th Grenadier
24th Panzer, [Stalingrad]
1st SS Panzer, Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, mauled at Kursk, sent to Italy
65th, formed in July 1942. Sent to Italy.
XI Air Corps
2nd Para, raised in 1943, sent to France, then Italy
3rd PzG, [Stalingrad] with 386th Motorized
Army Group D (South of France)
60th PzG Feldherrnhalle, [Stalingrad] Formerly 60th Infantry.
356th Garrisoning France
715th Garrisoning Cannes-Nice in France
XIV Armored Corps
Luftwaffe Armored 'Hermann Göring' [Tunisia] sent to Sicily
16th Pz [Stalingrad]
15th PzG, formed from remnants of 15th Panzer in Sicily
1st Para (parts), [Tunisia] sent to Sicily
LXXVI Armored Corps
26th Pz, occupation duties
29th PzG, destroyed Jan 1943 Eastern Front, reconstituted in France, transferred to Sicily
1st Para (bulk)
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