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Created Jan 19, 2014
What would you like to do? from week 6 lesson 2 MongoDB for DBAs
#This from the MongoDB University Class M102:MongoDB for DBAs
#This is not an original script by me the author.
#Author Bill Glennon
#Date: January 18, 2014
# run processes for the cluster
# running on as single dev machine as a demo...
# make directories
mkdir a0
mkdir a1
mkdir a2
mkdir b1
mkdir b2
mkdir c0
mkdir d0
mkdir d1
mkdir d2
mkdir cfg0
mkdir cfg1
mkdir cfg2
# config servers - 3 of them
mongod --configsvr --dbpath cfg0 --port 26050 --fork --logpath log.cfg0 --logappend
mongod --configsvr --dbpath cfg1 --port 26051 --fork --logpath log.cfg1 --logappend
mongod --configsvr --dbpath cfg2 --port 26052 --fork --logpath log.cfg2 --logappend
# shard servers (mongod data servers) - 12 of them
# note: don't use smallfiles nor such a small oplogSize in production;
# tehse are here running many on one machine
mongod --shardsvr --replset a --dbpath a0 --logpath log.a0 --port 27000 --fork --logappend --smallfiles --oplogSize 50
mongod --shardsvr --replset a --dbpath a1 --logpath log.a1 --port 27001 --fork --logappend --smallfiles --oplogSize 50
mongod --shardsvr --replset a --dbpath a2 --logpath log.a2 --port 27002 --fork --logappend --smallfiles --oplogSize 50
mongod --shardsvr --replset b --dbpath b0 --logpath log.b0 --port 27100 --fork --logappend --smallfiles --oplogSize 50
mongod --shardsvr --replset b --dbpath b1 --logpath log.b1 --port 27101 --fork --logappend --smallfiles --oplogSize 50
mongod --shardsvr --replset b --dbpath b2 --logpath log.b2 --port 27102 --fork --logappend --smallfiles --oplogSize 50
mongod --shardsvr --replset c --dbpath c0 --logpath log.c0 --port 27200 --fork --logappend --smallfiles --oplogSize 50
mongod --shardsvr --replset c --dbpath c1 --logpath log.c1 --port 27201 --fork --logappend --smallfiles --oplogSize 50
mongod --shardsvr --replset c --dbpath c2 --logpath log.c2 --port 27202 --fork --logappend --smallfiles --oplogSize 50
mongod --shardsvr --replset d --dbpath d0 --logpath log.d0 --port 27300 --fork --logappend --smallfiles --oplogSize 50
mongod --shardsvr --replset d --dbpath d1 --logpath log.d1 --port 27301 --fork --logappend --smallfiles --oplogSize 50
mongod --shardsvr --replset d --dbpath d2 --logpath log.d2 --port 27302 --fork --logappend --smallfiles --oplogSize 50
# mongos processes - 4 of them
# first one uses default port 27017
# not recommended to use localhost as the host name -- use logical name
mongos --configdb localhost:26050,localhost:26051,localhost:26052 --fork --logappend --logpath log.mongos0
mongos --configdb localhost:26050,localhost:26051,localhost:26052 --fork --logappend --logpath log.mongos1 --port 26061
mongos --configdb localhost:26050,localhost:26051,localhost:26052 --fork --logappend --logpath log.mongos2 --port 26062
mongos --configdb localhost:26050,localhost:26051,localhost:26052 --fork --logappend --logpath log.mongos4 --port 26063
ps -A | grep mongo
tail -n 1 log.cfg0
tail -n 1 log.cfg1
tail -n 1 log.cfg2
tail -n 1 log.a0
tail -n 1 log.a1
tail -n 1 log.a2
tail -n 1 log.b0
tail -n 1 log.b1
tail -n 1 log.b2
tail -n 1 log.c0
tail -n 1 log.c1
tail -n 1 log.c2
tail -n 1 log.d0
tail -n 1 log.d1
tail -n 1 log.d2
tail -n 1 log.mongos0
tail -n 1 log.mongos1
tail -n 1 log.mongos2
tail -n 1 log.mongos3
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