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Created Sep 29, 2014
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Trust Me, I’m Lying
After reading “Trust Me, I’m Lying,” I’m inclined to take Holiday’s argument with a grain of salt.
I can’t escape the impression of an ex-con saying “I know scams but this is legit!”
He makes it crystal clear in the central thesis of the book--the media is rife for manipulation and
has even set itself up that way. The problem is that this throws into question Holiday’s
own credibility in writing this book. Why should I trust you if you’ve made it so clear
that your marketable skill is lying?
This is underscored perhaps by the oh-so-frequent mentions of one of Holiday’s flagship clients at the time,
the culturally questionable Tucker Max. I’m not taking issue with the citation of real world cases of
media manipulation; on the contrary I think it’s what lends the book what credibility it does have. But the
overall sleaziness of the examples that Holiday gives in the book, coupled with the shear volume of mentions,
does seem a little to perfect for coincidence and does make me wonder if Holiday didn’t write this book in
part as one final push for his wunderkind client.
All this being said, though, if I had to wager on Holiday I think I’d still fall on the side of this being
a genuine exposé of the state of the media. After all, the irony of Holiday’s thesis is that it’s not
really him that’s driving the manipulation; it’s the media that has ultimately created this system.
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