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Created December 8, 2013 02:08
What would you like to do?
Scott Ogle
Mount Remington
We climb the stairs like Miyazaki kites
I am immune to harm and goddamn, it’s a miracle
Wearing gasoline cologne,
Minor chords rattle between our ears,
Deep and dark and blue
I can taste the
Coffee and beer and weed and cigarettes
In every pockmarked city corner as
Erotic saxophone echoes through the
Cave under the supermarket as
We yell shout sing a casino in all the wrong places
Chris Algeo is the only player on the floor that summer in 2007
When he was falling toward the discovery
That life is not without consequence
Except that your life was without consequence
Flat the sixth, I almost forget
Alex is gaining weight after eating
Pandex and Dubtown exclusively for a month
Ela tem peitao, hein? But
Scoges couldn’t believe
Existential peace didn’t live in Sao Paulo, so
I will ride my bike ‘til my feet fall off,
‘Til I shed my body and build a new one
With chrome kneecaps on my cyborg legs
We are royals of the peasantry
Falling upwards at every turn
Tugging at geo-political heartstrings just for fun
Chris had to break the furniture apart with a borrowed axe
In order to give it back but
As the summer sighs defeat
We see ‘the sky’
Written on the sky
On the fourth floor of Mount Remington
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