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Last active Jan 31, 2017
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Custom tag helpers being used in an ASP.NET Core MVC Razor view
@using static TagHelpersDemo.TagHelpers.CardTagHelper
ViewData["Title"] = "Home Page";
<div class="clearfix">&nbsp;</div>
<hand player="John">
<card suit="@CardSuit.Heart" rank="@CardRank.Ace"></card>
<card suit="@CardSuit.Club" rank="@CardRank.Eight"></card>
<card suit="@CardSuit.Diamond" rank="@CardRank.Jack"></card>
<hand player="Jane">
<card suit="@CardSuit.Spade" rank="@CardRank.Four"></card>
<card suit="@CardSuit.Heart" rank="@CardRank.Queen"></card>
<card suit="@CardSuit.Heart" rank="@CardRank.Seven"></card>
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