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image-less RGBA backgrounds for real browsers and Internet Explorer
@mixin rgba-background($color, $opacity) {
background-color: $color;
background-color: rgba($color, $opacity);
background-color: transparent\9;
filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr=#{'#'+hex(round($opacity*255)) + '' + hex(red($color)) + '' + hex(green($color)) + '' + hex(blue($color))},endColorstr=#{'#'+hex(round($opacity*255)) + '' + hex(red($color)) + '' + hex(green($color)) + '' + hex(blue($color))});
zoom: 1;
module Sass::Script::Functions
module SassHex
def hex(decimal)"%02x" % decimal)
include SassHex
# All you should have todo is require the sass-hex.rb file
# I use this trick a lot in compass when extending sass
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