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Wandboard FreeBSD boot log
U-Boot 2014.07 (Sep 19 2014 - 03:43:08)
CPU: Freescale i.MX6Q rev1.2 at 792 MHz
Reset cause: POR
Board: Wandboard
I2C: ready
WARNING: Caches not enabled
*** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment
No panel detected: default to HDMI
Display: HDMI (1024x768)
In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
switch to partitions #0, OK
mmc0 is current device
reading boot.scr
157 bytes read in 10 ms (14.6 KiB/s)
Running bootscript from mmc ...
## Executing script at 12000000
reading ubldr
250419 bytes read in 26 ms (9.2 MiB/s)
## Starting application at 0x88000054 ...
Consoles: U-Boot console
Compatible U-Boot API signature found @8f5854a8
FreeBSD/armv6 U-Boot loader, Revision 1.2
(, Fri Sep 19 03:42:59 UTC 2014)
DRAM: 2048MB
MMC: no card present
MMC Device 2 not found
MMC Device 3 not found
Number of U-Boot devices: 2
U-Boot env: loaderdev not set, will probe all devices.
Found U-Boot device: disk
Probing all disk devices...
Checking unit=0 slice=<auto> partition=<auto>... good.
Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf
/boot/kernel/kernel data=0x589a08+0x365f8 syms=[0x4+0x88550+0x4+0x540a8]
Hit [Enter] to boot immediately, or any other key for command prompt.
Booting [/boot/kernel/kernel]...
/boot/kernel/wandboard-quad.dtb size=0x3e59
Loaded DTB from file 'wandboard-quad.dtb'.
Kernel entry at 0x12000100...
Kernel args: (null)
KDB: debugger backends: ddb
KDB: current backend: ddb
Copyright (c) 1992-2014 The FreeBSD Project.
Copyright (c) 1979, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994
The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.
FreeBSD is a registered trademark of The FreeBSD Foundation.
FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT #0 r271779: Fri Sep 19 03:41:31 UTC 2014 arm
FreeBSD clang version 3.4.1 (tags/RELEASE_34/dot1-final 208032) 20140512
CPU: Cortex A9-r2 rev 10 (Cortex-A core)
Supported features: ARM_ISA THUMB2 JAZELLE THUMBEE ARMv4 Security_Ext
WB disabled EABT branch prediction enabled
LoUU:2 LoC:1 LoUIS:2
Cache level 1:
32KB/32B 4-way data cache WB Read-Alloc Write-Alloc
32KB/32B 4-way instruction cache Read-Alloc
real memory = 2147483648 (2048 MB)
avail memory = 2093219840 (1996 MB)
FreeBSD/SMP: Multiprocessor System Detected: 4 CPUs
random device not loaded; using insecure entropy
random: <Software, Yarrow> initialized
ofwbus0: <Open Firmware Device Tree>
simplebus0: <Flattened device tree simple bus> on ofwbus0
gic0: <ARM Generic Interrupt Controller> mem 0xa01000-0xa01fff,0xa00100-0xa001ff on simplebus0
gic0: pn 0x390, arch 0x1, rev 0x2, implementer 0x43b sc->nirqs 160
mp_tmr0: <ARM MPCore Timers> mem 0xa00200-0xa002ff,0xa00600-0xa006ff irq 27,29 on simplebus0
Event timer "MPCore" quality 1000
l2cache0: <PL310 L2 cache controller> mem 0xa02000-0xa02fff irq 124 on simplebus0
l2cache0: Part number: 0x3, release: 0x7
l2cache0: L2 Cache enabled: 1024KB/32B 16 ways
simplebus1: <Flattened device tree simple bus> mem 0x2000000-0x20fffff on simplebus0
ccm0: <Freescale i.MX6 Clock Control Module> mem 0x20c4000-0x20c7fff irq 119,120 on simplebus1
imx6_anatop0: <Freescale i.MX6 Analog PLLs and Power> mem 0x20c8000-0x20c8fff irq 49 on simplebus1
imx_gpt0: <Freescale i.MX GPT timer> mem 0x2098000-0x209bfff irq 87 on simplebus1
Event timer "iMXGPT" frequency 11000000 Hz quality 800
Timecounter "iMXGPT" frequency 11000000 Hz quality 1000
gpio0: <Freescale i.MX GPIO Controller> mem 0x209c000-0x209ffff irq 98,99 on simplebus1
gpioc0: <GPIO controller> on gpio0
gpiobus0: <GPIO bus> on gpio0
gpio1: <Freescale i.MX GPIO Controller> mem 0x20a0000-0x20a3fff irq 100,101 on simplebus1
gpioc1: <GPIO controller> on gpio1
gpiobus1: <GPIO bus> on gpio1
gpio2: <Freescale i.MX GPIO Controller> mem 0x20a4000-0x20a7fff irq 102,103 on simplebus1
gpioc2: <GPIO controller> on gpio2
gpiobus2: <GPIO bus> on gpio2
gpio3: <Freescale i.MX GPIO Controller> mem 0x20a8000-0x20abfff irq 104,105 on simplebus1
gpioc3: <GPIO controller> on gpio3
gpiobus3: <GPIO bus> on gpio3
gpio4: <Freescale i.MX GPIO Controller> mem 0x20ac000-0x20affff irq 106,107 on simplebus1
gpioc4: <GPIO controller> on gpio4
gpiobus4: <GPIO bus> on gpio4
gpio5: <Freescale i.MX GPIO Controller> mem 0x20b0000-0x20b3fff irq 108,109 on simplebus1
gpioc5: <GPIO controller> on gpio5
gpiobus5: <GPIO bus> on gpio5
gpio6: <Freescale i.MX GPIO Controller> mem 0x20b4000-0x20b7fff irq 110,111 on simplebus1
gpioc6: <GPIO controller> on gpio6
gpiobus6: <GPIO bus> on gpio6
uart0: <Freescale i.MX UART> mem 0x2020000-0x2023fff irq 58 on simplebus1
uart0: console (115200,n,8,1)
usbphy0: <Freescale i.MX6 USB PHY> mem 0x20c9000-0x20c9fff irq 44 on simplebus1
usbphy1: <Freescale i.MX6 USB PHY> mem 0x20ca000-0x20cafff irq 45 on simplebus1
simplebus2: <Flattened device tree simple bus> mem 0x2100000-0x21fffff on simplebus0
ffec0: <Freescale Gigabit Ethernet Controller> mem 0x2188000-0x218bfff irq 150,151 on simplebus2
miibus0: <MII bus> on ffec0
atphy0: <Atheros F1 10/100/1000 PHY> PHY 1 on miibus0
atphy0: none, 10baseT, 10baseT-FDX, 100baseTX, 100baseTX-FDX, 1000baseSX-FDX, 1000baseT-FDX, 1000baseT-FDX-master, auto
ffec0: Ethernet address: 00:1f:7b:b4:01:3f
ehci0: <Freescale i.MX integrated USB controller> mem 0x2184000-0x21841ff irq 75 on simplebus2
usbus0: EHCI version 1.0
usbus0 on ehci0
ehci1: <Freescale i.MX integrated USB controller> mem 0x2184200-0x21843ff irq 72 on simplebus2
usbus1: EHCI version 1.0
usbus1 on ehci1
sdhci_imx0: <Freescale uSDHC controller> mem 0x2190000-0x2193fff irq 54 on simplebus2
mmc0: <MMC/SD bus> on sdhci_imx0
sdhci_imx1: <Freescale uSDHC controller> mem 0x2198000-0x219bfff irq 56 on simplebus2
mmc1: <MMC/SD bus> on sdhci_imx1
ocotp0: <Freescale On-Chip One-Time-Programmable Memory> mem 0x21bc000-0x21bffff on simplebus2
Timecounters tick every 2.000 msec
usbus0: 480Mbps High Speed USB v2.0
usbus1: 480Mbps High Speed USB v2.0
ugen0.1: <Freescale> at usbus0
uhub0: <Freescale EHCI root HUB, class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 1> on usbus0
ugen1.1: <Freescale> at usbus1
uhub1: <Freescale EHCI root HUB, class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 1> on usbus1
mmc0: No compatible cards found on bus
mmcsd0: 8GB <SDHC SL08G 8.0 SN E09C1563 MFG 11/2013 by 3 SD> at mmc1 50.0MHz/4bit/65535-block
random: unblocking device.
Release APs
Root mount waiting for: usbus1 usbus0
uhub0: 1 port with 1 removable, self powered
uhub1: 1 port with 1 removable, self powered
Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/mmcsd0s2a [rw,noatime]...
warning: no time-of-day clock registered, system time will not be set accurately
Enlarging root partition
GEOM_PART: mmcsd0s2 was automatically resized.
Use `gpart commit mmcsd0s2` to save changes or `gpart undo mmcsd0s2` to revert them.
mmcsd0s2 resized
mmcsd0s2a resized
super-block backups (for fsck_ffs -b #) at:
1834432, 2292992, 2751552, 3210112, 3668672, 4127232, 4585792, 5044352,
5502912, 5961472, 6420032, 6878592, 7337152, 7795712, 8254272, 8712832,
9171392, 9629952, 10088512, 10547072, 11005632, 11464192, 11922752, 12381312,
12839872, 13298432, 13756992, 14215552, 14674112, 15132672
Setting hostuuid: 7c3f14e3-3faf-11e4-a7d6-001f7bb4013f.
Setting hostid: 0xd54bdc42.
No suitable dump device was found.
Entropy harvesting: interrupts ethernet point_to_point swi.
Starting file system checks:
/dev/mmcsd0s2a: clean, 1760969 free (761 frags, 220026 blocks, 0.0% fragmentation)
Mounting local file systems:.
Writing entropy file:.
Setting hostname: wandboard.
ffec0: link state changed to DOWN
Starting Network: lo0 ffec0.
lo0: flags=8049<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 16384
inet6 ::1 prefixlen 128
inet6 fe80::1%lo0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x2
inet netmask 0xff000000
ffec0: flags=8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500
ether 00:1f:7b:b4:01:3f
media: Ethernet autoselect (none)
status: no carrier
Starting devd.
ffec0: link state changed to UP
Starting pflogd:
add net fe80::: gateway ::1
add net ff02::: gateway ::1
add net ::ffff: gateway ::1
add net :: gateway ::1
Generating host.conf.
Waiting 30s for the default route interface: ..(ffec0)
Creating and/or trimming log files.
ELF ldconfig path: /lib /usr/lib /usr/lib/compat
Starting casperd.
Clearing /tmp (X related).
Updating motd:.
Mounting late file systems:.
Generating RSA1 host key.
2048 d1:41:03:47:3d:8a:12:c6:4c:75:e7:ca:e2:42:a8:75 root@wandboard (RSA1)
Generating RSA host key.
2048 59:14:52:dc:79:62:a6:89:b4:7d:9c:83:13:07:f5:78 root@wandboard (RSA)
Generating DSA host key.
1024 79:c9:a4:88:80:9c:47:a9:22:c5:09:8e:ab:22:db:7f root@wandboard (DSA)
Generating ECDSA host key.
256 4d:68:10:a3:40:52:89:a1:87:4e:2f:84:f1:68:8c:8e root@wandboard (ECDSA)
Generating ED25519 host key.
256 8a:76:b1:d5:23:96:46:d0:8d:ea:87:cc:d8:c5:3c:1e root@wandboard (ED25519)
Performing sanity check on sshd configuration.
Starting sshd.
Starting background file system checks in 60 seconds.
Fri Sep 19 03:46:31 UTC 2014
FreeBSD/arm (wandboard) (ttyu0)
login: root
FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT (WANDBOARD-QUAD) #0 r271779: Fri Sep 19 03:41:31 UTC 2014
Welcome to FreeBSD! Handy technical support resources:
Security advisories and errata:
Mailing list:
Documents installed with the system are in the /usr/local/share/doc/freebsd/
directory, or can be installed later with: pkg install en-freebsd-doc
For other languages, replace "en" with a language code like de or fr.
Show the version of FreeBSD installed: uname -a
Please include that output and any error messages when posting questions.
Introduction to manual pages: man man
FreeBSD directory layout: man hier
Edit /etc/motd to change this login announcement.
root@wandboard:~ #
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