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type == "routine"


// Code path (as far as I can tell):
// planbook/date.hbs Template:
{{render 'routine' routine}}
// planbook-date.js model
var PlanbookDate = Ember.Model.extend({
routine: Ember.belongsTo('routine', {key: 'routineId'}).

This is a perfect example of how Ember makes me feel frustrated. Because the container seems to be set automagically set on app init (and I don't know how to hook into it), I end up feeling helpless. I don't know where to add a line to make it work again. Here's my full thought process when I run into these bugs:

  • Something initialized the store
  • The store appears initailized without the app container
  • Where was the store initialized?
  • Is this an Ember-CLI bug or an Ember-Model issue? or Is this a line I put in a config somewhere?
  • Can I even fix this?

When things work, Ember's easy but I almost never find Ember to be simple. I could be perceiving things incorrectly, but it seems when the Ember core team speaks of "developer ergonomics", they mean "let's make things easy" instead of "let's make things simple."

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