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App.PlanbookDate = Ember.Model.extend({
* Computed Property
* This property returns a routine. If the routine is pristine,
* it creates a routine then adds parts from the routine template to it.
* If the routine is not pristine, it just returns the routine.
routine: function(){
if (this.get('routineIsPristine')){
routine = App.Routine.create({id: this.get('routineId')})
routine.set('planbookDate', this)
var template = App.Routine.find(this.get('routineTemplateId'))
template.on('didLoad', function(){
routine.set('_dirtyAttributes', [])
} else {
routine = App.Routine.find(this.get('routineId'))
routine.set('planbookDate', this)
return routine
}.property('routineId', 'isLoaded'),
App.Routine = Ember.Model.extend({
id: Ember.attr(),
parts: Ember.hasMany('part', {embedded: true, key: 'parts'}),
lessons: Ember.computed.filterBy('parts', 'type', 'lesson'),
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