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FV Top Level Categories
// Add to bottom of top-level-cats.php
add_filter('category_link', 'top_level_cats_remove_cat_base');
function top_level_cats_remove_cat_base($link) {
$category_base = get_option('category_base');
// WP uses "category/" as the default
if ($category_base == '')
$category_base = 'category';
// Remove initial slash, if there is one (we remove the trailing slash in the regex replacement and don't want to end up short a slash)
if (substr($category_base, 0, 1) == '/')
$category_base = substr($category_base, 1);
$category_base .= '/';
return preg_replace('|' . $category_base . '|', '', $link, 1);
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