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Last active Mar 30, 2016
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Example of a config.json file for nodeStorage that has an updates object and automatically restarts when there's a change to the main JavaScript file.
"myPort": 1999,
"websocketPort": 2000,
"myDomain": "",
"urlUserWhitelist": "",
"flWatchAppDateChange": true,
"fnameApp": "storage.js",
"updates": {
"enabled": true,
"fnameStorageJs": "storage.js",
"ctMinutesBetwChecks": 60
"where": {
"flUseLocalFilesystem": true,
"publicPath": "publicFiles/",
"privatePath": "privateFiles/"
"twitterConsumerKey": "anm3unkb1mof7isav0bkxigby",
"twitterConsumerSecret": "niliunipnv4xpbhjpe4cedf7dby79hnrokfxhnkij2zpzyjero"
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