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@scturtle scturtle/packages.el
Last active Dec 4, 2017

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lsp-cquery layer
;;; packages.el --- lsp-cquery layer packages file for Spacemacs.
;; Copyright (c) 2012-2017 Sylvain Benner & Contributors
;; Author: Shen Chao <scturtle@Enigma.lan>
;; URL:
;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs.
;;; License: GPLv3
;;; Commentary:
;; See the Spacemacs documentation and FAQs for instructions on how to implement
;; a new layer:
;; SPC h SPC layers RET
;; Briefly, each package to be installed or configured by this layer should be
;; added to `lsp-cquery-packages'. Then, for each package PACKAGE:
;; - If PACKAGE is not referenced by any other Spacemacs layer, define a
;; function `lsp-cquery/init-PACKAGE' to load and initialize the package.
;; - Otherwise, PACKAGE is already referenced by another Spacemacs layer, so
;; define the functions `lsp-cquery/pre-init-PACKAGE' and/or
;; `lsp-cquery/post-init-PACKAGE' to customize the package as it is loaded.
;;; Code:
(defconst lsp-cquery-packages
(company-lsp :toggle (configuration-layer/package-usedp 'company))
(cquery :location local)
(defun lsp-cquery/init-lsp-mode ()
(use-package lsp-mode
:defer t
:config (use-package lsp-flycheck)
(defun lsp-cquery/init-company-lsp ()
(use-package company-lsp
:defer t
:init (push 'company-lsp company-backends-c-mode-common)
(defun lsp-cquery/init-cquery ()
(use-package cquery
(setq cquery_root "/Users/scturtle/code/github/cquery")
(spacemacs/add-to-hooks #'lsp-cquery-enable '(c-mode-hook c++-mode-hook))
(dolist (mode '(c-mode c++-mode))
(evil-leader/set-key-for-mode mode
"r." 'xref-find-definitions
"r," 'xref-find-references
"rl" 'helm-imenu
;;; packages.el ends here
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