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@scturtle scturtle/
Created Dec 16, 2017

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Dump Clang AST with python bindings.
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
import clang.cindex
K = clang.cindex.CursorKind
def is_std_ns(node):
return node.kind == K.NAMESPACE and node.spelling == 'std'
def vit(node: clang.cindex.Cursor, indent: int, saw):
pre = ' ' * indent
k = node.kind # type: clang.cindex.CursorKind
# skip printting UNEXPOSED_*
if not k.is_unexposed():
print(pre, end='')
print(, end=' ')
if node.spelling:
print('s:', node.spelling, end=' ')
if node.type.spelling:
print('t:', node.type.spelling, end=' ')
# FIXME: print opcode or literal
if node.referenced is not None and node.referenced.hash not in saw:
vit(node.referenced, indent + INDENT, saw)
# FIXME: skip auto generated decls
skip = len([c for c in node.get_children()
if indent == 0 and is_std_ns(c)])
for c in node.get_children():
if not skip:
vit(c, indent + INDENT, saw)
if indent == 0 and is_std_ns(c):
skip -= 1
def main():
index = clang.cindex.Index.create()
tu = index.parse(sys.argv[1])
vit(tu.cursor, 0, set())
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