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using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using GooglePlayGames;
using GooglePlayGames.BasicApi;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.SocialPlatforms;
public class LeaderboardManager : MonoBehaviour {
private void SetInteractionEnabled (bool value) {
//TODO: Add logic here that disables everything you don't want the user to interact with while the leaderboard is open.
public void AttemptToDisplayLeaderboard () {
if (!Social.localUser.authenticated) {
SetInteractionEnabled (false);
Social.localUser.Authenticate ((bool success) => {
if (success) {
DisplayLeaderboard ();
} else {
SetInteractionEnabled (true);
} else {
SetInteractionEnabled (false);
DisplayLeaderboard ();
//Get this value from GPGSIds.
//e.g. leaderboardID = GPGSIds.leaderboard_leaders;
private string leaderboardID = "leaderboardID";
//LeaderboardScoreData will start at rank #1.
private LeaderboardStart leaderboardStart = LeaderboardStart.TopScores;
//LeaderboardScoreData will return 100 scores.
private int scoresToDisplay = 100;
//LeaderboardScoreData will be public.
private LeaderboardCollection leaderboardType = LeaderboardCollection.Public;
//LeaderboardScoreData will show all time scores.
private LeaderboardTimeSpan leaderboardTimeSpan = LeaderboardTimeSpan.AllTime;
private void DisplayLeaderboard () {
PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.LoadScores (leaderboardID,
(LeaderboardScoreData data) => {
//List of userIDs that we're going to use to retrieve usernames.
List<string> userIDs = new List<string> ();
//Map of userIDs to their related score.
Dictionary<string, IScore> userScores = new Dictionary<string, IScore> ();
for (int i = 0; i < data.Scores.Length; i++) {
IScore score = data.Scores[i];
userIDs.Add (score.userID);
userScores[score.userID] = score;
//Map of userIDs to their usernames.
Dictionary<string, string> userNames = new Dictionary<string, string> ();
Social.LoadUsers (userIDs.ToArray (), (users) => {
for (int i = 0; i < users.Length; i++) {
userNames[users[i].id] = users[i].userName;
//The reason we loop through data.Scores here is the same reason we created the two dictionaries above.
//[data.Scores] is guaranteed to be in the correct order while [users] is not.
for (int i = 0; i < data.Scores.Length; i++) {
IScore score = data.Scores[i];
//This gets the imageIndex that can be used to grab an image from an array or dictionary.
//e.g. Sprite image = leaderboardSprites[imageIndex];
int imageIndex = (int) (score.value % imageIndexMax);
string userName = userNames[score.userID];
int rank = score.rank;
//This removes the imageIndex from the score to get the true score.
float scoreValue = ((score.value - imageIndex) / imageIndexMax);
//TODO: Use the values above to update a display in Unity.
//Score: The score you want to display on the leaderboard.
//ImageIndex: The index for which image you want to display on the leaderboard.
//I have around 212 unique images that I want to be able to display on my leaderboard.
//In order to add that index to my score I'll need add at least three trailing zeroes to my score.
private float imageIndexMax = 1000;
//Multiply the true score by imageIndexMax, add the imageIndex, and then report that new score.
//To display the image, parse the imageIndex when DisplayLeaderboard (on Line 46) is called.
public void ReportScoreToLeaderboard (float score, int imageIndex) {
long leaderboardScore = (long) (score * imageIndexMax + imageIndex);
Social.ReportScore (leaderboardScore, leaderboardID, (bool success) => {
Debug.Log ("Success!");

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@stickylabdev stickylabdev commented Feb 26, 2020

maybe all things will be better if you provide the complete source code

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