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Created Oct 11, 2010
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Dear Elizabeth,
I wanted to let you know of my deepest sympathies for you as a Christian. I understand how hard it must be to own a
foundation/Estate that you would like to finish without having the heart to instead put your money towards other
meaningful endeavors such as funding a hospital or treating other sick individuals. No doubt the sickness you are
battling is that of a vengeful demon possessing your frail mind and body and drawing you nearer to the dark side. I
may have a solution to your problem though. You could put your wealth to hiring an equally wealthy priest to exorcise
said demon in enough time to grasp the concept of "Giving" and "Charity". Better yet, I could send thoughtful Christian
thoughts to you and exorcise this demon with my well honed psychic powers. I would do this, of course, for a meager
payment of $1,000,000 directly sent into my paypal account. I am desperately trying to buy a house to live in and would
love to have one of those houses built like a castle... you know... like the kind that Christian warriors used to
protect back in the day.
Satanic Blacksmith of the 9th Layer
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