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Squeak VM: set up for Xcode (example uses Stack VM)
PipeableOSProcess waitForCommand: '/usr/bin/osascript -e "tell application \"Xcode\" to quit"'.
buildDir := FileDirectory on: '/Developer/cogvm/cog/build/'.
buildDir entries do: [:e | e name = 'vmVersionInfo.h' ifFalse: [
e isDirectory
ifTrue: [ e asFileDirectory recursiveDelete ]
ifFalse: [ e delete ] ] ].
StackCocoaIOSConfig new
addExternalPlugins: #( FT2Plugin );
generateSources; generate.
PipeableOSProcess waitForCommand: 'cd /Developer/cogvm/cog/build/; /opt/local/bin/cmake -G Xcode'.
PipeableOSProcess waitForCommand: 'open /Developer/cogvm/cog/build/StackVM.xcodeproj'.
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